How Our Cooking Classes Work

The Chef & The Dish Cooking Class Gift Certificates


Hang up the keys, open a bottle of wine, and video call a chef from around the world into your kitchen.


Learn how to cook the world's most delicious dishes, in a private cooking class all from the comfort of your own kitchen. 


Date nights and dinner parties will never be the same. 


Our chefs in Italy, Peru, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, and more will join you and your friends in your home kitchen in a private, one-to-one cooking class - live via Skype.

Learn from chefs who've been featured on Food Network, USA Today, CBS, CNBC World, have worked in Michelin Star restaurants and have Certificates of Excellence from Trip Advisor.

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We are in-home entertainment experts. Each class with The Chef & The Dish undergoes a Certified Testing process. Our chefs test every class with our Certified Testers.


We cook every recipe, sometimes multiple times, in multiple settings, to ensure dishes are replicated in the most authentic and delicious way.  

No class is launched until it has surpassed a series of criteria, achieving the gold standard our clients expect and deserve.


Get step-by-step coaching, cooking tips, and ask all the questions you want - it's just you and the chef!  Your chef will cook alongside you, watch and coach you as you complete your meal together.


Want to know whether to salt your pasta water? Perhaps tips to hold chopsticks properly? What is palinka again? How about some travel tips? This is your chance to ask! 



Choose from tens of cooking classes like Homemade pasta, Pad Thai, Paella, Ceviche, Jambalaya, Ceviche, Baklava, Goulash, Bolognese Sauce, Massaman Curry, Maki Sushi Rolls, Clam Chowder, Baklava, Risotto, Strudel and so, so much more. 

You'll learn why these dishes are so iconic, all in a fun cooking class led by a culinary expert and teacher.




It's easy! All you need is a laptop or tablet with sound, a built-in camera and high speed internet. Learn more here.

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Find the date & time and voila, you're booked! Select from 70+ cooking classes with chefs around the world.

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Once we receive your booking, a Kitchen Assistant will contact you to host a personal Kitchen Prep Session. We review your Shopping List, any questions you have, and even check your camera settings.


At the time of your cooking class, your chef will video call you through Skype. Then you'll get cooking together! Two hours and three or more dishes later... say goodbye to your private chef, and have an awesome meal with your friends.


Why did you create The Chef & The Dish?

The Chef & The Dish has been transporting kitchens since 2016. We believe the world is better connected, and how better to connect the world than to share your kitchen? The Chef & The Dish is a kitchen to kitchen culinary experience, introducing you to people around the world, and exposing you to the deepest part of a culture, the food. The Chef & The Dish gives you, your family and your friends an opportunity to experience the world's most iconic dishes - even if you can't hop in a plane today. Interact with cultures across the globe, taste the flavours, and transport your kitchen to a different part of the world for the day.

What cooking classes are available?

Italian Cooking Classes, Japanese Cooking Classes, even Hungarian Cooking Classes! Visit our Cooking Classes page to see our full catalouge of culinary experiences. Some are perfect for date night, others are great for beginners. If you have a suggestion or would like to customize a class, please reach out and we'd be happy to create a special class just for you.

What's included in a cooking class?

As with people, each experience is truly unique. Experiences range between 2-3 hours. Each is a personal cooking class between you, the chef, and any of your guests. With your class, you'll get:

  • 2-1/2 hours of private 1:1 coaching with a chef
  • A personal kitchen assistant who will answer all your questions
  • All your questions answered
  • Recommended brands based on our chef's experiences
  • An amazing meal of 3 or more dishes
  • A recipe booklet to recreate the dishes time and time again at home

Do the chefs speak English?

Absolutely, and other languages, too!

What about timezones?

Classes are available at times throughout the day, most at a time that's convenient for you, no matter where you live! Check the Book a Class page to see time zones for particular chefs in their country. Special requests? Just let us know.

Will you provide a shopping list?

Absolutely. Your Kitchen Assistant will provide your shopping list and answer any questions you might have. Our chefs provide suggestions on the best brands to purchase to ensure a truly authentic taste. We also recommend select local markets and grocers to find ingredients for your class!

What cooking equipment will I need?

Each chef ensures their class can be held using standard kitchen equipment. If any specific items are needed for the menu, they are noted in the Cooking Class section. You'll receive information on the exact equipment you need prior to your class in your Kitchen Prep Session. If anything needs to be purchased, you can choose to do so, or the chef will tailor the recipe to the items you have on hand.

Can I book a class with a few friends?

Of course! We encourage groups to get together for The Chef & The Dish culinary experiences, and pricing is very well suited for groups. Each class is priced for a two-person minimum. Parties up to six are welcome. If you have more people you'd like to attend, please contact us so we can help arrange your event.

Are there discounts if I buy multiple cooking classes?

Yes. You can group multiple classes together for a discounted price. Please email us at if you'd like to enroll in multiple classes, we'll discuss your class series and set a discounted price based on the number of experiences you book.

Can I buy gift certificates for your cooking classes?

Absolutely. Gift Certificates for The Chef & The Dish Cooking Classes make a fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. Whether it's an anniversary gift, birthday gift, wedding gift, gift for your special date, mom, dad, or even a new home buyer - our experiences have been rated Best Gifts by the likes of Forbes, TimeOut NY, Prevention Magazine, NY Mag, and tens more. Buy a gift certificate here!

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Any experience with The Chef & The Dish can be cancelled and refunded within 24 hours of purchase. If you cancel your class 15 or more days before the class start time, you will recieve 100% credit towards your account. Please know, any cancellation within a 14 days of a class start time cannot be refunded. We like to let our guests understand why. Our chefs reserve their time for your party. That means, they turn away all other class requests for that day and time. When a party cancels, it means they lose wages for that day and within a short window, it's likely those wages will not be recovered.