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The Chef & The Dish is founded by Jenn Nicken and supported through a network of passionate food lovers around the world. 


Jenn was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and has lived in Los Angeles, New York City, and now makes Toronto her home.  


Her work focussed in the entertainment and technology industries, developing high profile programs for companies like Apple, ABC, NBC, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Discovery, Food Network, Disney, Universal, Sony, and revolutionary product launches for iPod, iTunes, and Mac.  


While working as the Head of Marketing for the Entertainment Division of Apple/iTunes in Canada, she realized she was longing over her passion for food and adventure.  That passion brought her to amazing places.  She's traveled to taste (and make!) the pastas of Italy, curries of Thailand, pretzels of Germany, fish and chips of England, meatpies of Australia, tikkas of India, dumplings of China, macaroons of France, Quesillos of Nicaragua...


Throughout her travels, she learned to cook with others - which became inspiration.. The Chef & The Dish was created to share cooking-together moments, cultures, traditions, and delicious food far and wide. She wanted everyone to taste authentic flavours and transport themselves for the day. To connect kitchens, pass down recipes, and bring the world closer, one meal at a time. 


Her favourite food is still from her hometown of Buffalo - ordered as "Chicken Wings, extra crispy, hot, blue cheese, and extra hot sauce on the side". 


She would love to hear from you.  Drop her a line at

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