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Live from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Extensive Awards for Restaurant Ventures


The year 2011 was a decisive year for the Chef Alberto Morel, from Santiago, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York, started in partnership with three friends, the BBQ Express project. To then later that same year launch his first personal project, Limón Culinario, where he began to translate his passion for the art of cooking.

The Limón Culinario concept, in the begining, was a culinary workshop destined to offer the services of catering and culinary school, they also had private room for events. Alberto, being curious by nature, remains always exploring and his restless mind has kept him looking for that pinch that converts any lunch in a delicious experience. Through the years Limón Culinario services have ranged from the design of menu for private events, social and corporate, from catering to culinary education, offering the public the opportunity to experience unique culinary experiences within its spaces through targeted events.

Thanks to the success of these experiences, the public began to request a space where to have the opportunity to taste the refined dishes offered by Chef Alberto Morel portfolio. In 2015 he made the decision to give a turn to Limón Culinario and meet the demand by opening LIMON Restaurante. A restaurant of dominican haute cuisine, ere was born the Limón Experiencia, an experience for the senses with an exquisite menu presenting novelties each week according to the season, adapting to the products offered by the market. 

The Chef Morel began developing a series of collaborations with guest Chefs. These activities were called "Limón Compartido". Though the first activity was called LIMON para 8 and took place in August 2015, where Chef Morel invited the owners and Chef of the Spanish restaurant 8 Cadires, from Barcelona, to a tour of various cities of the Dominican Republic, where they explored its gastronomy to collect local ingredients.

In February 2017, Limón Culinario received Rubén Arnanz, executive chef of the Michelin star award-winning restaurant Villena. Later invited the Italian Chef Edoardo Olivieri, who discovered flavors, textures and words of our land to raise our gastronomy with the young passion that characterized it in the kitchen. Finally, Alberto Morel invited Chef Lester Almánzar, who worked in several renowned restaurants such as: Viajante, Wd-50, dovetail neck and The Ellington. In each installment of Limon Compartido were new plates were born that enriching the gastronomic offer of Limón Restaurant. In addition to Chef Morel travels in search of novel combinations.

Today Limón Restaurante culminated his stage last September to make way for the return to their roots of catering services. In 2018 he had the opportunity to serve more than a thousand people at the white dinner of Procigar. As well as weddings of up to 1,500 people and commercial events with themed menus designed exclusively for the occasion, such as the white menu for the launch of a line of white blouses by a renowned Dominican designer.

In 2018 he became the Executive Chef BBQ Express, where following the same intension of Limón Compartido was born, BBQ Express The festival, with the recognized Locos Por el Asado from Argentina. This being the first barbecue festival in the Dominican Republic and where thousands of people gathered and where the experience with the Locos por el Asado generated learning and recognition at a national level. At the end of this same year he opened a new branch of BBQ Express.

At the beginning of 2019, won the tender for the administration of the most prestigious private club restaurant in Santiago.

Now, he's looking forward to transporting you into his home kitchen to teach you traditional Dominican fare. Book a private class with Chef Alberto and enjoy a virtual trip to this beautiful island. 



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