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Live from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Top Trip Advisor reviews at one of Vietnam's top restaurants


Starting in a small local restaurant at the age of 23, Chef Le's culinary career began. She was then sought out and recruited to Hoa Tuc Restaurant, known as one of the top restaurants in Vietnam, where she further developed her skills. Hoa Tuc Restaurant redefined Vietnamese cuisine by injecting endless creativity while utilizing ingredients of the highest quality and has a 5 star rating on Trip Advisor while also being mentioned in numerous publications including Elle Magazine France & Luxembourg, Geo Magazine, Ethiad Airlines, Air France and Air Asia magazines and many more.

In 2016, Chef Le became a cooking instructor for Hoa Tuc which allowed her to share her passion and knowledge of Vietnamese Cuisine with travellers from all over the world and also to gain knowledge of global cuisines and cultures.

Now she's so excited to welcome you into her kitchen and help you dive into Vietnamese Cuisine and culture!



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