Credited in NY Times, Vogue, Wall Street Journal and tens more as one of the most important chefs in Moroccan cuisine.


Born in San Sebastian (Spain) to Moroccan parents, Najat has enjoyed successful careers as a television actress and professional chef in 3-star Michelin restaurants across three countries. She was the first (and only) Moroccan chef ever to work at famed Spanish restaurant, El Bulli, where Ferran Adria extolled her virtues as a chef, stating “Najat Kaanache represents the soul of Morocco through the language of the kitchen. Her passion for creativity & innovation should be a reference for the country.”

Najat is the host of AMC Network’s highest rated new cooking series throughout Spain and 20 other Latin countries, "Cocina Marroqui”. She has been prominently featured as CNN’s ‘Woman of the Week’ and in publications such as Vogue Magazine, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, London Times, Milenio, El Universal, Maghreb Arabe Presse, The Guardian, Huffington Post and LA Weekly.

A tireless advocate for women’s rights, Najat strives to inspire women of all ages to achieve their dreams. She is the founder of “Six Ingredients”, a global solutions-based organization centered in the philosophy that every challenge can be overcome by utilizing six main ingredients which are the five chemical senses plus mindfulness. Six Ingredients unites community members through organizing dining summits that generate awareness and empower attendees to become guardians of their community. In 2013, Najat was featured in the celebrated cookbook “Share: The Cookbook that Celebrates Our Common Humanity”, with 100% profits donated to Women for Women International, a non-profit helping women in war-torn countries to rebuild their lives. In 2016 she presented a TED Talk in Marrakesh on “Coexistence of No Existence: The Uniting Power of Food”.

In 2016 Najat opened Nur Restaurant in Fez to shine a light on Moroccan gastronomy, serving local ingredients with her artistic touch. Each year since 2017, Nur has bee named World’s Best Moroccan Restaurant and awarded global honors for Best Moroccan Cuisine at the World Luxury Restaurant Awards. Nur has been featured as one of the world’s most beautifully designed restaurants by Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and Bloomberg Business. Najat's first (eponymous) cookbook was published in Holland in 2019 and was immediately named a finalist for the prestigious national Golden Cookbook Award.

Now she's so excited to welcome you into her kitchen and help you dive into Moroccan cuisine and culture.  Let's go... to Morocco! 


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