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Emilia Romagna



It all started with a law degree, almost... Chef Simone Albertazzi was about to graduate with a law degree when he decided to follow his passion for food.  He was accepted into ALMA University, the International School of Italian Cuisine, led by the infamous Gualtiero Marchesi. 

After graduating, he went on to work for several Michelin starred restaurants, starting from the traditional cuisine of Andreina restaurant in Loreto, Italy, then working at Berton restaurant, Armani Hotel in Milan, and then finally at the innovative experience, Inkiostro, based in the food mecca of Parma. 

After his work at top restaurants across the country, he decided to follow his heart back home, where  he now works as the Head Chef at a traditional seafood restaurant in the beautiful city of Bologna. His menu includes “pasta fresca”, “risotto” and fish dishes - celebrating everything the country offers. 

In the kitchen, Chef Simone Albertazzi believes in simplicity, but simple doesn’t mean boring -  on the contrary he believes it’s more difficult to work the ingredients to their most true and incredible form.  Each ingredient is given the importance it deserves.  

Chef Simone Albertazzi can't wait to bring the traditional cuisine of Emilia-Romagna into your home - from “tortellini” and “tagliatelle” to “risotto alla marinara” and “piadina”. He can't wait to see you in his kitchen, and join you in yours.  Book Chef Simone for a private virtual cooking class, it will be a moment in your kitchen we are quite sure you'll never forget.



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