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Chef Zahin

Chef Zahin



Owner of top rated culinary experience in Hungary, Priv​ate chef for celebrities


Chef Aggie was born and raised in the Hungarian countryside until the age of 21 when she moved to Budapest to study. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in catering, restaurant and tourism. After graduating, she became a class instructor at a culinary school in Budapest where she discovered sharing her passion for food and stories with travellers.

She decided to follow her dreams and open her own culinary experience - Culinary Hungary Home Cooking in the heart of gorgeous Budapest in 2011.

Chef Aggie offers something different than a traditional cooking school. All events take place in her own home kitchen not a “fancy” commercial-style kitchen. She wants you to feel like you at home and that the dishes can be easily recreated.  She's now welcomed hundreds of travellers into her home.

Aggie believes in authentic cooking and comfort food. The majority of her recipes were learned from cooking with her parents, who taught her secrets of Hungarian Cuisine and Gastronomy. Many of recipes she teaches are family secrets and make part of my family’s heritage.

Chef Aggie loves to share the dishes and traditions of Hungary with others from around the world. She can't wait to bring Hungary into your home in her traditional Hungarian cooking classes with The Chef & The Dish.



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