Today, American cooking has become a melting pot of modern tastes influenced by world cultures. But not long ago, regional dishes across the United States were originated by settlers, influenced by their heritage and the bounty of the land. Learn how to make dishes originated across regions of the United States like Jambalaya, Cod Cakes, Po' Boys, and Chowder in our American Cooking Classes.


Transport to South America in The Chef & The Dish Brazilian cooking classes. Influenced by African, Indian, Asian and European cuisines, Brazilian cuisine varies greatly by region and reflects the mix of native and immigrant in the country. Learn about traditional ingredients like tapioca, cassava, beans, rice, and of course steak and seafood that make this country's contribution to the culinary scene plentiful.


Bring one of the most beautiful places on earth into your kitchen. The Dominican Republic is a melting pot. It's rich food culture that shows flavours of the country's history of occupations and immigrants. Influences of African, Caribbean, Latin, American and Middle Eastern flavours abound in rich dishes from pork to plantains to rice and beans. Bring the sun, sand and Caribbean into your home in a private virtual cooking class. Our chefs look forward to cooking with you.


The grandness of Hungary's capital city, Budapest, matches the grandness of its food. Hearty dishes keep Hungarians warm and the flavour profiles are deep and rich. Dishes like Gulyás (Goulash), Paprikás Csirke (Chicken Paprika), Nokedli (also known as Spätzel), and Strudel are enough to satisfy the most discerning palate. Book one of our Hungarian cooking classes to learn how to make some of Eastern Europe's most iconic dishes.


Food is central to the Italian culture - it's not just considered a means of nourishment, but an extension of life itself. Italians have given the world so many incredible dishes. Pasta, Risotto, Saltimbocca, Componata, Ossobucco, Raviolo, Tiramisu, and the list goes on and on. Cook with one of our Italian chefs in our authentic Italian cooking classes, and learn the tips and tricks to making these wonderful dishes without leaving home.


UNESCO recently added Washoku, or traditional Japanese cuisine, to their list of 'Intangible Cultural Hertitage', meaning the preservation of traditional Japanese food is considered critical in maintaining the culture. Book one of our Japanese cooking classes and learn how to make traditional Japanese favourites like Mosaic Rolls, Dumplings, Bento Box, Miso Soup, Donburi, Teriyaki Sauce, and lots more.


Mexican cuisine is some of the oldest in the world and in every bite, there is a story waiting to be told. Dating back to the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, many of the key ingredients used then are still staples of key dishes today - from tortillas and tacos, to enchiladas and tamales. But through colonization, Mexican food has evolved and carries flavour influences from the Caribbean, Portugal, West Africa and South America. Learn how to take simple but traditional Mexican ingredients like tomatoes, corn, and beans and turn them into the best Mexican meal you’ve had since your last trip under the hot Mexican sun.


This incredibly diverse country can be divided into three main geographical areas, the mountains, the beach and the rainforest. What may be seen as a new culinary hotspot has a rich culture of food that thrives on the diverse agriculture and inhabitants dating back centuries. With a country that has 28 of the 32 world climates, nearly everything grows in Peru - including over 3,000 kinds of potatoes! Dive into this incredible country, plate first, to learn Ceviche, Arroz con Pollo, Causa, and more.


The Spanish know how important it is to enjoy life, and their food culture is a world example. Eating is not a rushed affair - meals are the most important part of the day, and a traditional lunch can last as long as three or more hours (with a siesta!). Let a Spanish chef teach you how to perfect the casual nature of delicious tapas or the tradition of a stunning Paella in our Spanish Cooking Classes.


Looking for something special? Want to master your favourite dish with the help of a private chef? Maybe you're just looking for some inspiration with what you have on hand? Our What's In Your Fridge?! and Custom Cooking Classes are a perfect way to reinvent your night in!


Thai food has taken over. Known for being a perfect balance of senses, each dish strives to combine a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, sour and saltiness. People across the world crave have their favorite Thai restaurant on speed dial for takeout. Our Thai cooking classes let you master those beautiful dishes at home. Video conference a chef in Thailand and begin whipping up your own Pad Thai and curries that will make you second guess takeout after all.


Turkish cuisine is a fascinating refinement between Middle Eastern and Mediterranean diets. Colourful dips, grilled meats, grassy olive oils, decadent pastries, rich in vegetables and legumes... the Turkish diet, while varies from city to sea, is a delicious and exotic fusion of incredible flavours. Video call a chef from Turkey into your kitchen and master dishes like Kebabs, Baklava, Boreks, Hummus, and more.

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