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Cooking Classes

Charlotte, NC

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Charlotte, NC

The Chef and The Dish offers private cooking classes via Skype, a video conferencing tool, accessible to people in Charlotte, North Carolina. Find yourself immersed in the cultures of Italy, Spain, Japan, and many other international locations. The options are endless when you learn from the best chefs and this experience makes it the perfect stay-at-home date night.

To participate from your location in Charlotte, NC, is very easy. Simply select the cooking class you would like to attend, and book it online. With over 100 cooking classes Certified Tested by our team your Charlotte kitchen will be virtually transporting to Italy, Mexico, Spain or other country with the click of a button. Cooking classes are available for beginners to advanced cooks and unless otherwise noted, use standard kitchen equipment. Once you've picked a class and a date, our assistants will send you a shopping list with everything you need to get before your class time.

Below are a list of local markets and stores to help you buy the needed ingredients for your culinary experience. Once you receive your shopping list, find the appropriate place to shop. Purchasing ingredients is where your kitchen creations begin.

Image by Rayia Soderberg

Super G Mart

Super G Mart has three locations across North Carolina and specializes in hard to find specialty imports not available at an average grocery store. While they offer a wide selection of grocery staples, Super G Mart also carries items like fresh jackfruit, yucca root, jarred grape leaves, and jasmine rice flour. If you're looking for hard to find items native to Europe, Asia, Latin America or Jamaica, Super G is a good place to look.

Image by Ratul Ghosh

Pasta & Provisions

Pasta & Provisions has three locations in the Charlotte, NC area. Originally from Boston, owners Tommy and Debbie relocated to Charlotte with their young family. Their expertise was in the pasta industry, and after working on a business plan they decided to to take a leap and open their first fresh pasta location. in 1992. They now sell fresh pasta across the city and offer specialty Italian groceries at each location. If you're looking for Italian tomatoes or other imported options, Pasta & Provisions makes a nice stop.

Image by pina messina

New York Butcher Shoppe & Wine Bar

With 17 locations across 5 states, New York Butcher Shoppe & Wine Bar is a reliable place to find quality meats and custom cuts in Charlotte, NC. Carrying everything from Flank Steak and Ribeyes to Veal Chops and Baby Back Ribs, you'll have experts available for any questions you have. While there, you can pick up a collection of wines from around the world including Spanish Riojas and Italian Barolas.

Image by Nia Ramirez

Supermercado El Rey

Supermercado El Rey is located on South Blvd near Archdale Drive. Specializing in Mexican groceries, you'll be impressed by the wall of chillies and enough fresh tomatillos to make salsa for the neighorhood. Peruse the pantry items and you'll be impressed with the number of Mexican treats available. While you're there, grab a taco at the small restaurant towards the back.

Image by Markus Spiske

Savory Spice Shop

With over 30 locations across the country, the Charlotte location of Savory Spice Shop is located in the South End in the historic Atherton Mill shopping complex. They offer a collection of high quality spices and spice blends. Whether you're looking for Hungarian paprika, smoked paprika, Spanish paprika or any spice in-between, Savory Spice Shop has what you need. If you're interested in continued learning, make sure to inquire about their spice subscription boxes.

Image by Shelley Pauls

Anh Dao Sakura Oriental Market

Anh Dao Sakura Oriental Market located in the South End is Vietnamese owned. This market specializes in Asian products with a focus on Vietnamese ingredients including spices, noodles, fresh produce and meat cuts. While you're there, you can pick up a case of Vietnamese beer, and pre-made Vietnamese specialities.