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Cooking Classes

Cork, Ireland

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Cork, Ireland

The Chef and The Dish offers private cooking classes via Skype and Zoom, video conferencing tools, accessible to people in Cork, Ireland. Find yourself immersed in the cultures of Italy, Spain, Turkey, and many other international locations. The options are endless when you learn from the best chefs and this experience makes it the perfect stay-at-home date night.

To participate from your location in Cork, Ireland is very easy. Simply select the cooking class you would like to attend, and book it online. With over 100 cooking classes Certified Tested by our team your kitchen will be virtually transporting from Cork to Italy, Mexico, Thailand or other country with the click of a button. Cooking classes are available for beginners to advanced cooks and unless otherwise noted, use standard kitchen equipment. Once you've picked a class and a date, our assistants will send you a shopping list with everything you need to get before your class time.

Below is a list of local supermarkets and specialty stores in the Cork, IL area to help you buy the needed ingredients for your culinary experience. Once you receive your shopping list, find the appropriate place to shop. Purchasing ingredients is where your kitchen mastery begins.

Image by Rayia Soderberg

On the Pig's Back

Established in 1992 and located in the historic English Market, this artisan shoppe celebrates everything meat and cheese. Carrying a large selection of cheeses from 12 month aged Manchego to Raclette, On the Pig's Back is an excellent stop for cheese, charcuterie including Spanish hams and chorizo, and gourmet pantry items. Their award-winning pate is reason alone to stop, but while you're there you'll find a variety of groceries for your cooking class.

Image by Ratul Ghosh

Jia Jia Market

Jia Jia Market is Cork's Asian food stop. Carrying fresh produce including hard to find pandan leaves and lemongrass, to a wide selection of rice noodles and egg noodles, this Asian market carries the most popular items from a variety of Asian countries. Located on Cornmarket St, they also offer same day delivery to the Cork city centre for an added fee.

Image by pina messina


Iago is a small high end Italian speciality store located on Princes Street in Cork City. With giant wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano sitting in the windows, it's hard to not stop and take in all of the Italian delights. This small shoppe carries the must-haves and the want-to-haves of Italian cuisine including a large collection of dried pasta, arborio rice, DOP tomatoes, dried mushrooms, preserved lemons, and amarena cherries. Take the time to browse around, but beware, this little market can get busy!

Image by Nia Ramirez


Another great stop in the iconic English Market is O'Mahoneys, a family run butchery operating since 1974. Priding themselves on local meat, nearly all of the meat is raised in Munster and over half from their family farm in Ballea. This whole animal butcher is happy to help you with any specialty cut you may need for your cooking class, and as whole animal butchers, this market is sustainable as well.

Image by Markus Spiske

Mr Bells

The story of Mr. Bells started in the 1980's when the patriarch of the family, a native of Morocco, and chef by trade began selling herbs and spices. Many years later, they are now a global food store carrying everything from Korean gochujang paste, Thai tamarind paste to Mexican canned tomatillos. On their website, you can shop by cuisine, with a long list of countries to choose from you'll have everything you need for an Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai or Moroccan cooking class with a stop to Mr. Bells.

Image by Shelley Pauls