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Cooking Classes

Manchester, UK

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Manchester, UK

The Chef and The Dish offers private cooking classes via Skype and Zoom, video conferencing tools, accessible to people in and around Manchester, UK. Find yourself immersed in the cultures of Italy, Spain, Morocco, and many other international locations. The options are endless when you learn from the best chefs and this experience makes it the perfect stay-at-home date night.

To participate from your location in Manchester, UK is very easy. Simply select the cookery class you would like to attend, and book it online. With over 100 cookery classes Certified Tested by our team your kitchen will be virtually transporting from Manchester to Italy, Mexico, Vietnam or other country with the click of a button. Cooking classes are available for beginners to advanced cooks and unless otherwise noted, use standard kitchen equipment. Once you've picked a class and a date, our assistants will send you a shopping list with everything you need to get before your class time.

Below is a list of local markets and stores in and around Manchester, UK to help you buy the needed ingredients for your culinary experience. Once you receive your shopping list, find the appropriate place to shop. Purchasing ingredients is where your kitchen adventure begins.

Image by Rayia Soderberg

Woo Sang

Woo Sang is located on George Street in the Chinatown area of Manchester. While a small store, the Cantonese owners keep shelves stocked with a great selection of traditional Chinese and other products from Asian countries. Here you'll find produce you won't otherwise find in Manchester, plus pantry essentials including light and dark soy sauce, rice noodles, egg noodles, jasmine rice, glutinous rice, rice flour, and a more ramen than you thought existed. Keep note,

Image by Ratul Ghosh

Unicorn Co-op

Twice named the nation’s ‘Best Food Retailer’ at the BBC Food & Farming Awards, and winner of Manchester Food & Drink Festival’s Food & Drink Retailer of the Year, Unicorn Co-op aims to be the unicorn in the produce industry. The co-op was established in 1996 after the a group of people were tired of mass produced produce at the large markets and extensive options at health food grocers Their seasonal produce is sourced by local farmers and what is sourced outside of the immediate Manchester area is organic.

Image by pina messina

The Butchers Quarter

The Butchers Quarter is a supplier of artisan and locally supplied meats. Their beef comes from only two farms, pork are raised on farms where they get to enjoy the sun and their lamb and eggs comes from only 18 miles from the shop. If you need cheese or wine, they carry that, too. With two locations, one in the Northern Quarter and the other on Monton Road, this is a great stop for any cooking class where you want a great cut of meat.

Image by Nia Ramirez

Worldwide Foods

Worldwide Foods has been in business for over 50 years, has 10 locations throughout the UK and sells over 650 speciality items from around the world. They carry hard to find produce including daikon, fresh turmeric, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves. They also have a large selection of spices, bulgur, couscous, olives and tinned food from the Middle East. With four locations in and around Manchester, it's a great stop for to do the food shop for any Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Turkish or Moroccan cooking class.

Image by Markus Spiske


Araby is tiny Arabic specialty market on Wilmslow Road in Manchester. They carry a large selection of everything you need for traditional Arabic or Turkish coffee, including the beautiful cups. In addition, they sell a variety of imported honey, nuts, and spices.

Image by Shelley Pauls

The Cheese Hamlet

Any place named The Cheese Hamlet is a place we want to be. Located on Wilmslow Road, this tiny Manchester cheese market is stocked to the ceiling with a selection of 180 - 200 different types of cheeses at all times. In addition to cheese, they have a nice cured meat selection with products from Italy, Spain and Hungary, handmade sweet treats and gourmet pantry items including pasta and olive oils.