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Cooking Classes

Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis, MN

The Chef & The Dish offers private cooking classes via Skype and Zoom, video conferencing tools, accessible to people in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Transport your kitchen and immerse yourself in the cultures of Italy, Spain, Thailand, and many other international locations. The options are endless when you learn from the best chefs and this experience makes it the perfect stay-at-home date night.

To participate from your location in Minneapolis, MN is very easy. Simply select the cooking class you would like to attend, and book it online. With over 100 cooking classes Certified Tested by our team, your kitchen will be virtually transporting from Minneapolis to Italy, Mexico, Morocco or other country with the click of a button. Cooking classes are available for beginners to advanced cooks and unless otherwise noted, use standard kitchen equipment. Once you've picked a class and a date, our assistants will send you a shopping list with everything you need to get before your class time.

Shopping is part of the fun of our cooking classes. Below is a list of local markets in the Minneapolis, MN area. Whether you're looking for Spanish ingredients or Asian produce, these markets are a great place to start. Once your cooking class is booked, your Kitchen Assistant provides your Shopping List. After you meet, simply select the appropriate market to find your groceries. High quality ingredients is where your kitchen creation begins.

Image by Rayia Soderberg

United Noodles

For over 40 years, this family owned Asian grocery destination has been supplying the Twin Cities with ingredients to fuel their panang curry and pho. United Noodles, located on East 24th Street carries more than 8,000 products from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and more countries. Whether you're looking for hard to find Asian produce, Vietnamese herbs, rice noodles, dried egg noodles, dried mushrooms, aisles of ramen, tamarind paste, miso paste, black bean paste or any other kind of Asian paste, United Noodles carries that and lots more. Open 7 days a week, this is a destination for any Asian loving foodie in Minneapolis.

Image by Ratul Ghosh

Eastside Coop

In the heart of Northeast Minneapolis is East Side Coop, an organic grocery store that prides itself on its local products and artisan goods. Opening in 2003 with 800 members that helped make it possible, years later the Eastside Coop is 11,000 members strong and is on a mission to nourish the Minneapolis community. Here you'll find a selection of everyday groceries, organic goods and healthy options, local produce and high quality meats. It's a great stop to make sure you're using the highest quality ingredients for your cooking class.

Image by pina messina

Bill's Imported Foods

If you love feta, this is the market for you. On the corner of W. Lake Street and Aldrich Ave S. sits the rather ordinary Bill's Imported Foods. But walk in and you'll see this long standing market carries a large selection of Greek and Mediterranean imported products that are otherwise hard to find. This is a great source for imported feta, Greek olives, pomegranate molasses, baklava, red pepper paste and phyllo dough. This is a nice stop to find authentic Mediterranean products.

Image by Nia Ramirez

Cossetta Alimentari

In 1911, Michael Cossetta, a native of Calabria Italy opened a small market in St. Paul, Minnesota. This destination Italian market has a rich history and lots of love in the Twin Cities. Known locally for being one of the best Italian restaurants and pizzerias in town, their market is where the Italian food loving community nestle at. You could spend hours looking over the aisles of imported Italian products from cheeses and cured meats, to decadent baked goods and pantry staples, this market is a place where you can get lost. Make sure to grab some gelato for your dessert!

Image by Markus Spiske

Everett's Foods

This full service butcher has been serving the Twin Cities since 1956. In the south of Minneapolis you'll find this shop that carries a large selection of high quality meats that the ordinary grocery store simply can't meet. This family run market also carries everyday grocery items and is the place to go to find everything from salt pork, premium cuts of beef, osso bucco, handmade sausages, in-house smoked ribs and lamb chops.

Image by Shelley Pauls

La Mexicana Supermercado

With giant displays of tostada shells, if you're a Mexican food lover, you've found your place. La Mexicana Supermercado located on East Lake Street is a bright and well designed Mexican specialty market. Carrying a large selection of fresh chilies, pickled goods, canned and dry beans, rice, masa, hot sauce, and Latin American snacks, you'll find a variety of products for any Hispanic origin cooking class.