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Toronto, ON

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Toronto, ON

Whether you're in the Distillery District, Leslieville or Yorkville, The Chef & The Dish offers Private Culinary Experiences to people in the Toronto, ON area. Cook with a chef in based in Italy, Morocco, Spain - without leaving home - all in a private video conference - just you and the chef. With over 100 cooking classes to choose from, you can learn how to make Handmade Pasta, Paella, Pad Thai, and much more with a Private Chef who lives where the recipe originated – live via Skype. Video calling a chef into your kitchen makes for the perfect stay-at-home date night.

To participate from your location in Toronto, ON is easy. Simply select the class, then select the date and time. Before your cooking class, a Kitchen Assistant will meet with you, send your Shopping List and get you ready for your experience.

Shopping is part of the fun of our cooking classes. Once your cooking class is booked, your Kitchen Assistant provides your Shopping List. The Chef & The Dish recommends these markets and speciality grocery shops for the most authentic culinary experience in the Toronto, ON area.

Image by Rayia Soderberg


Toronto’s one-stop shop for authentic Japanese products since 1968, SANKO carries a variety of speciality products and is an excellent place to find anything you need for one of our Japanese Cooking Classes. While this Queen Street market is tiny, they have a good selection of products like miso paste, udon noodles, ingredients for dashi, and a good selection of seaweed. Make sure to grab some snacks to enjoy before or after your cooking class, they carry some of the best.

Image by Ratul Ghosh

St. Lawrence Market

This lively and historic market located on Front Street in downtown Toronto has nearly 100 vendors across two floors selling local and artisan products. From speciality meats and mustards to unusual produce and pasta, you'll find it all at the St. Lawrence Market. In particular, visit on Saturdays and you'll find farmers with local produce making this this one of the best places for fresh and seasonal produce in Toronto. Don't miss the rice market in the basement for a wide variety of rices for our cooking classes. The market is closed on Sunday and Monday so shop for your class early.

Image by pina messina

Cheese Boutique

In what feels like an old world market, when you enter Cheese Boutique, you know you're somewhere special. Meats hang from the ceiling, pastry smells fill the air, and imported beans, oils, pastas, tomatoes, pickled and jarred vegetables grace the shelves at this destination gourmet store just outside the downtown Toronto core. Of course the huge cheese display is likely one of the largest you've seen with cheeses from every corner of the world, and experts happy to help you with your selection. Whether you're purchasing ingredients for your cooking class, or buying a few things to snack on during your class, you'll find lots of unique options. This is a particularly good option for our Italian, Spanish and Turkish cooking classes.

Image by Nia Ramirez


A family run business for 100 years, Pasquales imports gourmet products hard to find elsewhere. With a very strong selection of foods from Spain in particular, you'll find everything from spices for your Thai, Creole or Moroccan cooking class to fabulous imported olive oils for your Spanish or Italian cooking class. Pasquales has authentic imported products that will make your final dish shine.

Image by Markus Spiske


Although they aren’t in the downtown Toronto core, this store is worth the short drive. Denninger’s has food from around the globe but specializes in European products, perfect for our Eastern European cooking classes. Carrying everything from paprika, imported sauerkraut, salami and other cured meats and cheeses, plus a huge bakery section specializing in everything from strudel to stolen, you'll feel like you've stepped into a market in Budapest. Visiting this market during the holidays is extra special as you browse the collection of European holiday treats.

Image by Shelley Pauls


With locations both downtown Toronto and in the neighbouring suburb of Markham, T&T Supermarket is a one stop shop for all things Asian cuisine. You could spend hours browsing the aisles of dried seafood, pantry staples, exotic produce and unusual sauces. With a broad selection of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese ingredients, T&T is a great all purpose shop to get ready for your cooking class.