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A Day In Athens

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Beginner to Advanced

Class Duration: 

2 to 2-1/2 hours


Greek, English



Beginner to Advanced

2 to 2-1/2 hours



Transport to Athens to Master Greece's National Dish, Moussaka

Transport your kitchen for a fabulous meal in Greece's capital city, Athens. In this culinary experience, Chef Anna, joining you live from Greece, will teach you to master the art of crafting her country's national treasure: Moussaka. This iconic dish is a culinary masterpiece that has become a cultural icon. Gracing family tables during festive gatherings, holidays, and everyday meals, Moussaka symbolizes tradition and unity. The rich history of Moussaka mirrors Greece's storied past, representing a fusion of flavors and techniques from various civilizations with influences of the Ottoman and Mediterranean cultures that have shaped Greek cuisine over centuries. Roasted eggplant, potatoes, aromatic minced meat, and velvety béchamel sauce.  Each layer building flavor upon flavor. 

Alongside your Moussaka, Chef Anna will teach you how to make a refreshing and tangy Tzatziki which you'll enjoy with your Moussaka and warmed pita. This private virtual cooking class promises to be an exploration of Greece's culinary heritage, fostering a deeper connection with flavors that have made Greek cuisine a global treasure. Transport to Greece for the day. 

20 minute Kitchen Prep Session with a Personal Kitchen Assistant who will get you ready! Includes teaching about ingredients and answering any questions you have as you get ready for your private cooking experience

2-1/2 hour Private Cooking Class via Skype with a highly accomplished global chef who lives where the recipe originated. Perfect for stay home date nights!

Personalized step-by-step coaching, tips, culinary tricks, sharing of stories, and more

A fantastic multi-course meal, 100% authentic and enjoyed as if you travelled to your chef's country!

Music Playlists featuring artists from the chef's country to get ready for your experience

Cocktail Recipes and Suggested Pairings

Recipe Booklet to recreate your dishes again and again!

What You Get

**Classes make a hearty meal for up to four people to enjoy.  If you have a larger group eating, please know, additional fees may apply.  Please message us in advance of booking to ensure you have an amazing experience.

Meet The Chef

Chef Anna

Chef Anna

Syros, Greece

Chef Anna’s love of food started when she began working as a server at the young age of 16 at an Italian restaurant on the Greek island, Syros. She went on to study design in Milano, Italy and stayed there for 5 years. Afterwards, she returned to Syros and began working in restaurants. She fell in love with the energy she felt in the kitchen. She opened her own restaurant at the age of 29. She went on to create and operate 3 restaurants over 12 years. This is when her chef career really began. Her passion is Mediterranean cuisine and she loves to cook with open fire. An Argentinian grill and an Italian wood fired oven were incorporated into her restaurant kitchens. During the economic crisis in Greece she moved and worked in restaurants around Europe, London, Copenhagen, Napoli and Malta. Now, back in her hometown, she now works as a freelance private chef in Syros. She owes her success to her parents who taught her the importance of good food and good company. 

Join Chef Anna as she takes you on a cultural journey to discover the foods of Greece. In Greece it is all about Mezé. Italians have antipasti, the Spanish have tapas, the French have canapés, and the Greeks have