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Boreks & Baklava

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Beginner to Advanced

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2 to 2-1/2 hours


Turkish, English



Beginner to Advanced

2 to 2-1/2 hours



Make Turkish pastries anytime! Learn how to work with Phyllo dough in this Turkish pastries cooking class (which includes quick baklava!)

Though they go by several names in the Middle East, in Turkey they are called Böreks. Böreks are a family of savory pastries found in this region, and while the term Börek is still relatively unknown in North America, once you have one you'll never go back. These flakey pastries are irresistible. In this class, you'll learn how to work with the principle ingredient - phyllo dough. And once you see how easy it is, you'll be making böreks for every large gathering. 

It's believed Phyllo (also referenced as filo) dough originated in Medieval Turkey in the 11th century. Phyllo was made from scratch in most homes, as it is still today, although less often with modern conveniences and busyiness. If you're interested, be sure to check out our Phyllo from Scratch class! Today of course, phyllo dough is available worldwide in the freezer section, meaning anyone can use this dough to create quick boreks at home. Phyllo has a reputation however, that it can be finicky or labor intensive. This class will remove that barrier and phyllo will become a regular part of your culinary adventures. 

In this Turkish cooking class, Chef Asli will video call into your home, live from Bodrum, Turkey. Together, you'll make three fabulous dishes using phyllo dough in different ways - each teaching a new lesson in how to work with this paper thin dough. Share stories, have some laughs and at the end - you'll have a Cheese and Herb Börek, a Meat Börek and a quick Baklava that will have you wishing you made more. This class is essential for anyone who loves to entertain.

20 minute Kitchen Prep Session with a Personal Kitchen Assistant who will get you ready! Includes teaching about ingredients and answering any questions you have as you get ready for your private cooking experience

2-1/2 hour Private Cooking Class via Skype with a highly accomplished global chef who lives where the recipe originated. Perfect for stay home date nights!

Personalized step-by-step coaching, tips, culinary tricks, sharing of stories, and more

A fantastic multi-course meal, 100% authentic and enjoyed as if you travelled to your chef's country!

Music Playlists featuring artists from the chef's country to get ready for your experience

Cocktail Recipes and Suggested Pairings

Recipe Booklet to recreate your dishes again and again!