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Brazilian Fish Stew

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Beginner to Advanced

Class Duration: 

2 to 2-1/2 hours


English, Portuguese



Beginner to Advanced

2 to 2-1/2 hours



Learn to make the traditional Moqueca, a beautiful Brazilian fish stew, with a chef video calling you, live from Brazil

You'll feel like you've transported to the beautiful coasts of Brazil in this cooking class. Eaten across the country from north to south, but particularly along the coast, Moqueca is a seasoned fish stew with a varying list of ingredients based on the region. Generally you'll always find seafood, peppers and herbs - but some recipes use palm oil, others coconut milk, and others none at all.  

One unifying connector, a traditional Moqueca would be made in a clay pot, which was used as a superior cooking vessel, but also to impart a unique flavor as well. While you may not have a clay pot in this class, you will learn how to work with fish at home, and transform it into a beautiful and brightly colored fish stew. Book your private cooking class with Chef Renato who will video call you live from his kitchen in Brazil. In your private class, you'll get personalized attention, it's just you and the chef! Share stories and have some fun in your kitchen. When you're done, say goodbye to your personal chef and enjoy a hearty fish stew.

Complimentary 20 minute Kitchen Prep Session with a Personal Kitchen Assistant who will get you ready for your cooking class

2-1/2 hour Private Cooking Class via Skype with a highly accomplished chef who lives where the recipe originated

Personalized step-by-step coaching

An awesome and authentic meal

Music Playlists featuring artists from the chef's country to get ready for your experience

Cocktail Recipes

Recipe Booklet to recreate your dishes again and again!