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Breads of India

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Intermediate to Advanced

Class Duration: 

2 to 2-1/2 hours


English, Hindi



Intermediate to Advanced

2 to 2-1/2 hours



Learn how to make Aloo Paratha and Chana Masala in this introduction to Indian breads class

Learning the art of Indian bread could take a lifetime. Naan, roti, dosa, papadum... there's so much variety, but one thing is for sure - bread is an integral part of Indian cuisine.  In this Indian cooking class, you'll start with the favorite in Northern India, Paratha.  Paratha translates to 'layered bread' and in this class, you'll make the version stuffed with potato (aloo).  Once you learn the basics, you'll have the knowledge to enjoy the many variations from meat stuffed Paratha to cabbage and beyond.  

In between making your Paratha dough and filling, you'll move on to its perfect companion - Chana Masala. Your chef will teach you the art of Indian spices and balanced seasoning as you develop deep flavor in your chickpea curry. Your final meal will be enjoyed with a palate calming mint chutney and mango lassi that has all the potential to replace your morning smoothie. 

Join Chef Shoubham, based in India, on a tour of his country's remarkable food.  He will bring you into his kitchen to transform your home into an Indian restaurant for the night. 

Complimentary 20 minute Kitchen Prep Session with a Personal Kitchen Assistant who will get you ready for your cooking class

2-1/2 hour Private Cooking Class via Skype with a highly accomplished chef who lives where the recipe originated

Personalized step-by-step coaching

An awesome and authentic meal

Music Playlists featuring artists from the chef's country to get ready for your experience

Cocktail Recipes

Recipe Booklet to recreate your dishes again and again!

What You Get

**Classes make a hearty meal for up to four people to enjoy.  If you have a larger group eating, please know, additional fees may appl