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Panang Curry

Live from: 



Beginner to Advanced

Class Duration: 

90 minutes


English, Thai



Beginner to Advanced

90 minutes



Book a team building experience you'll never forget. Transport your team to Thailand to learn how to make Panang Curry with a chef, live from Thailand

Transport your team to Thailand! Embark on a flavorsome journey and join our chef, live from Thailand, in an immersive online cooking class, where you'll learn to master the art of creating the iconic Panang Curry. In this 90-minute live session, you'll dive into the rich history of this beloved Thai dish, tracing its roots back to the royal palaces. Unveil the secrets behind balancing the vibrant flavors of aromatic herbs, exotic spices, and creamy coconut milk, while our expert chef guides you step-by-step. 

You'll begin your Team Building class by learning how to make rice, the traditional Thai way. You'll learn simple techniques that will change the way you make rice every day in your own kitchen. From there, you'll move onto making your Panang Curry Paste which you'll use to make your final dish. This flexible class can be made with chicken, vegetables or tofu, meaning your diverse group will easily be able to make their dietary preferences work. 

Everyone from new cooks to culinary enthusiasts will love this experience that will elevate their home cooking. During your class, you’ll enjoy Chef Joy’s open air kitchen while you cook together! Spice up your kitchen with Chef Joy, live from Thailand and give your team the gift of memories and a fabulous home-cooked meal together.  

View our Class Reel here to watch how our Team Experiences work.

Highly accomplished chef video calling in from the country where the recipe originated

Professional Host to ensure your class is seamless and deeply interactive

24 hour White Glove Service from Kitchen Assistants who will assist your team with Shopping List questions and even help with event planning

The Chef & The Dish Certified Tested Class