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Beginner to Advanced

Class Duration: 

90 minutes


English, Hindi

SAMOSAS - group


Beginner to Advanced

90 minutes



Transport to the bustling streets of India for one of the country's most famous street foods

Transport your team to the vibrant streets of Mumbai, with Chef Shoubham joining you live from India. Chef Shoubham will lead your group through an immersive culinary journey learning the art of crafting homemade samosas. In this class, you'll learn the art of one of India's most famous and delicious street foods. You'll start your experience by learning how to make with your own dough, then move on to flexible fillings and the art of the perfect samosa shape. As you whip up enough samosas for the neighborhood, your chef will teach about the history and rich culture of his country that has captured the culinary world.  

At the end of your class you'll have your own homemade samosas to be enjoyed with a fabulous chutney dipping sauce.  Your team will have not only learned the secrets of crafting homemade samosas but you'll have a greater understanding of this vibrant and magical country.

View our Class Reel here to watch how our Team Experiences work.

Highly accomplished chef video calling in from the country where the recipe originated

Professional Host to ensure your class is seamless and deeply interactive

24 hour White Glove Service from Kitchen Assistants who will assist your team with Shopping List questions and even help with event planning

The Chef & The Dish Certified Tested Class

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