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Thai Fried Rice

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Beginner to Advanced

Class Duration: 

90 minutes


English, Thai



Beginner to Advanced

90 minutes



Gather the group for a cooking experience that will bring every day flavours of Thailand to your team's kitchen.

Discover the tantalizing flavors and aromatic spices that make Thai cuisine so beloved around the globe! Thai food is all about a balance of the senses, based in fresh ingredients, and often cooked fast. From creating perfectly fluffy jasmine rice (say goodbye to your rice cooker!) to becoming a stir-fry pro, in this class you will learn the foundations of Thai cuisine as you master a fundamental dish, Thai Fried Rice.

Grab your colleagues and immerse yourselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Thailand as our chef shares the importance of fried rice in Thai culture. Hosted by expert Thai chef, Joy Piadamrong based in Koh Tao, Thailand, you and the team will take in the view of the Gulf of Thailand as you whip up an unforgettable meal.

View our Class Reel here to watch how our Team Experiences work.

Highly accomplished chef video calling in from the country where the recipe originated

Professional Host to ensure your class is seamless and deeply interactive

24 hour White Glove Service from Kitchen Assistants who will assist your team with Shopping List questions and even help with event planning

The Chef & The Dish Certified Tested Class

Event Website Custom to your Company to register for their experience, complete with your logo

A beautiful Shopping List complete with Chef Bio and Keepsake Conversion Charts

Wine Pairings & Cocktail Recipes

Music Playlists featuring artists from your Chef’s country

A short Kitchen Prep video to get your team excited

Events add to your team's calendar and send reminders leading up to the event

Recipe Booklet

Option to continue the class after the cooking ends or have planned moments in the class specific to your team

Option to add Grocery Delivery

What You Get

Note: Our Kitchen Assistants are available 24/7 to discuss Global Class Series, Scheduling, and Dietary Preferences. If you'd like to schedule a call, simply submit your Booking Request and you will be prompted to schedule a call with a Kitchen Assistant to take care of your group

Meet The Chef

Chef Joy

Chef Joy

Koh Tao, Thailand

Former owner of Noodle Soup Stall in Thailand, Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Chef Joy started her professional cooking career after high school to help finance her journalism degree. She began helping her family business, preparing traditional Thai breakfast and lunch for commuters at the nearby