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Food to Avoid on the New Year: Foods Believed to Cause Bad Luck







Now that you know what you should eat on the New Year, let's make sure you know what NOT to eat.

Lobsters swim backwards - and you don't want to go backward in the New Year!


While many in the North American culture believe Lobster is a sign of prosperity, many cultures - especially in Eastern Europe and Austria, believe this is the ultimate food to be avoided on New Year's Eve and Day. Lobsters swim backwards, which represents a lack of progress and setbacks in prosperity.

Anything with wings is believed to allow your good luck to fly away

Chicken, Squab, or Anything with Wings

If it has wings, it can fly away - and that's what legend says about chicken on New Years. Eating chicken can cause your good luck to fly away, and well - we definitely don't want that. Make that Roasted Chicken later in January, just to be safe.

And lastly... Whatever your New Year's Eve or New Year's Day menu includes, be sure to leave a little on your plate. Leaving those little scraps means you'll have a stocked pantry all year long.



Looking for luck this New Year?

Traditional foods around the world symbolize fortune, progress and good luck. Read up on what to eat.

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