Keto Crotch. It's a Thing and You Don't Want It.

If this headline isn't enough to convince you eating trends and fad diets don't work... let us break it down.

'Keto crotch' refers to a vaginal odor being reported on Reddit by women on the Keto diet - a high fat, low carb diet - also known as the latest food trend. Business Insider reports it's likely due to the fast-change in diet, throwing your body into a confused state and changing your PH balance.

As most fad diets, there's no research about any long-term success rate or side-effects. Nutritionalists report a variety of possible issues including kidney issues and others. The point is, you don't know the effects. So whether it's a smelly crotch, or a kidney problem - it's a thing, and you don't want it.

Want to be healthy? Great. Learn how to cook and make time for it! Use real ingredients, stay away from processed foods, and take control of what you put in your body.

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