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20 At Home Date Night Ideas

April 16, 2019

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The Couples Kitchen: Cooking Traditions from our Favourite Food Lovers

If you're looking for some inspiration for Valentine's Day dinner, why not go with a dish that's already won over someone's heart?


With it being Valentine's Day, we checked in with some of our favourite food friends to learn more about how they interact as a couple in the kitchen.  When it's cold outside and they're staying in  - do they cook together, or is one person the head chef? What are their favourite dishes? What’s a dish their partner makes that they love (or even secretly hate!)? What has cooking done for their relationship? 


When catching up with Tanya from Eat With Me Canada, she told us about one dish her boyfriend Jason makes that she just loves.  His Chicken Parmesan. And we understand why.


Here's Tanya and Jason's story... 


"I'm usually the go-to cook in the house, but when Jason makes his chicken parmesan, I put on my stretchy pants - seriously. It’s the one dish he puts so much time and effort into. It’s so totally delicious and of course that makes him proud. Fresh herbs are blended into the thick panko crumb coating, spicy capicola and a Parmigiano cheese... so delicious.  Dinner is usually complemented with something from myself - my homemade pasta and caesar salad."














"I enjoy spending time watching Jason cook our dinner, too (although, not as much as I like eating it).  He’s even taught me a few things along the way. Apparently I’ve been breading my chicken wrong all along (I learn things as I go - what can I say?)… Jason dips it in seasoned flour, then dips it in an egg white/milk mixture (making sure the mixture stays well beaten and fluffy throughout the process), then dips it in panko bread crumbs seasoned with fresh chopped herbs like parsley, oregano and thyme. Then he repeats the process at least one more time. This 'double breading' multi-step process gets you a thick and crispy coating that makes for a delicious texture and flavour.  


I mean, just look at this! 


I recommend all couples find one dish that you like to cook together as a couple, and one that the ‘non-cook’ can call their own and perfect it.  It makes it that much more enjoyable to eat when you can both be proud of something you've created (and when I say eat, I mean devour)."

The Chef & The Dish agrees!  It's so fun when each partner has a dish they're proud of.  And this Chicken Parmesan recipe!  We were sold with capicola, and now we're salivating at double breading. 




Tanya is a Calgary based food lover, home cook, and author behind Eat With Me Canada. You can find the full recipe at Follow her on Instagram to see her foodie adventures! 





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