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20 At Home Date Night Ideas

April 16, 2019

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The Couples Kitchen: Cooking Traditions from our Favourite Food Lovers

Just because Valentine's Day is over doesn't mean the romance needs to end.  As a matter of fact, we think couples should be having fun in the kitchen every day.  So, we checked in with some of our favourite food friends to learn more about how they interact as a couple in the kitchen.  


Do they cook together, or is one person the head chef? What are their favourite dishes?  What has cooking done for their relationship? 


We caught up with Mallory, freelance food writer and author behind We asked what role food and cooking has played in her relationship.  We think the picture below says everything. Love and love to eat.  


Here's Mallory and Jonah's story. 


"Jonah and I met in culinary school.  I can't imagine our lives without food playing the role that it has.  What it has taught us about team work, communication, and passion has been invaluable.  


Our lives often revolve around what we’re going to eat. It’s not overwrought, over-thought, or overdone, except in maybe the best ways.  When we put together a dish or an idea for a weekend meal or a weeknight bite, we always aim high. Sometimes, our vision is abridged by time constraints or the intricacy involved in preparing said meal. But we both believe in the same food philosophy - great meals - great eating - doesn’t have to be elabourate. Sometimes it requires just one special ingredient.



The meals we cook together can be as simple as this dish we made the other night...  A bowl of roasted sweet potatoes with shredded chicken, coconut yogurt "tzatziki" and dukkah (an Egyptian blend of toasted seeds, spices and nuts) to garnish. It took all of 20 minutes to throw together and was absolutely delicious. It's pretty typical of what we'll usually eat on the average weeknight. Our two requirements are - one, it's simple, and two - it tastes awesome!


Whether we're making Buddha Bowls, Cheddar Cheese Buns, or pickling our own carrots - no matter what we're cooking, we both approach a plate; a situation; similarly, and that is with an open mind. As with all people - we may approach things from different directions or at a different speed, but the final outcome is better for it. Our dishes are better when we make them together. When you're cooking together, there’s no sense of urgency, which affords us the opportunity to get it right. It’s a mutual exploration of, 'Oh this is going to be incredible! Can we do this?'.  Most importantly, we get enormous satisfaction from sharing food together. "


The Chef & The Dish wishes Mallory and Jonah years of happy cooking together, and by the looks of that cheese bread - they have it covered.  



You can follow Mallory and Jonah's food adventures on Twitter.  Mallory is found at @cuzilikechoclat and Jonah is at @jonahcancook.  You can also visit for tens of delicious recipes coming out of their kitchen.




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