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20 At Home Date Night Ideas

April 16, 2019

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Meet Chef Claire Tansey, Host of New Canadian Cooking Classes with The Chef & The Dish

September 5, 2017


She's a regular contributor to media powerhouses like CBC, Cityline TV and The Star.  She spent years and tested 1,000+ recipes as the Food Director for the largest female magazine in Canada, Chatelaine.  Her first cookbook is hitting shelves in the fall of 2018, and now, she's ready to come into your kitchen to teach you how to cook Canada's most iconic dishes in private cooking classes - via Skype - with The Chef & The Dish. Whether you're in London, Vancouver, Bangalore or Dallas, you can Skype Chef Claire Tansey into your home kitchen. 


Get to know Claire in 20 questions.  (Agreed on cashew cheese, Claire.  Agreed.) 


What's a guilty food pleasure?

​Peanut butter eaten right out of the jar.​


You’re on a plane and have a choice of chicken, beef or pasta - what do you take? 

​Usually chicken. Beef and pasta tend to be overcooked.​


What excites you so much about teaching? 

​I learn as much from my students as they learn from me -- so teaching is always exciting and fun. And we get to eat the fruits of our learning!​


What’s your favourite meal to cook for a dinner party?

​Excellent beef stew​.


What is the Canadian culinary scene known for?

​It's known for diversity and extraordinary raw ingredients. You can eat everything from roast beef to injera​ in Canada -- all made right here with local ingredients.


What was one of the most memorable moments working in a professional kitchen?

​I'll never forget accidentally tipping a huge pan of braised osso buco all over myself when I worked in fine dining. It was 2pm on New Year's Eve and osso buco was the main course of our set menu. ​The pan was incredibly heavy, hot and greasy and it slipped in my hands. Somehow we survived.....


Will you teach your clients with The Chef & The Dish a couple French phrases if they ask? 

​Bien sûr!​


Which of your articles do you think every home cook should read? 

​Definitely read my recent article in The Star, "The Only Spices Your Kitchen Needs" People think they need to have a spice drawer filled with every conceivable herb and spice. Not true! 


What’s the one food you just can’t wrap your head around? 

​Cashew cheese.​


Is there a particular country you’re excited to host a Skype cooking class with?

​I can't wait to Skype cook with India. Our climates are so different! Also, I lived there for several years so it'll be like going home again.​


What are you most looking forward to with your cooking classes with The Chef & The Dish? 

​Meeting people who love to cook and sharing a few of my hard-learned tips and tricks.​


What’s your go-to drink?

​Gin martini after 5pm. Before that, black coffee.​


What do you think of pre-made salad dressing?

​Not much.


What was your favourite job? 

​I'm in it now!​


What season’s ingredients excite you the most?

​The fall. Canada's market gardens truly explode after September 1. It's the best time of year to be a cook.​


What was it like being a woman in a professional kitchen?

​You'll have to give me a few martinis to get my truthful answer!​


What’s your favourite dish to make for your family? 

​Pan-seared ribeye steaks with baked potatoes and caesar salad.​


How do you deal with picky eaters?

​Meh. If they don't want to, they don't have to eat it.


What are the ingredients you can’t live without?

​Cheese, lemon juice, salt​, pasta, mayonnaise, dijon.


What food fad are you most bored with?



Which of your classes do you think everyone should take?

​Steak & Poutine. Everyone needs to know how to cook a steak perfectly.​



Hang up the keys, open the wine (or make a gin martini!) and have a private cooking class with Chef Claire Tansey without leaving your kitchen.  Book your private, 1:1 cooking class with Claire Tansey with The Chef & The Dish. 





Steak & Poutine Cooking Class


An essential cooking class.  Everyone should know how to make a perfect pan seared steak, and in this class, you'll learn.  Make Pan Seared Rib-eyes with Montreal Steak Seasoning, Homemade Gravy, and the devilishly delicious and indulgent Poutine. 


Check out the Steak & Poutine Cooking Class >









Salmon Two Ways Cooking Class 


Build confidence when making fish at home in this versatile cooking class. Salmon two ways celebrates this gorgeous fish native to Canadian waters, plus you'll make Maple Glazed Vegetables and Blueberry Crisp. 


Check out the Salmon Two Ways Cooking Class >







Bars & Butter Tarts Cooking Class  


Canadians love their sweets, and this cooking class will teach you how to make two of Canada's most iconic desserts.  You'll learn how to make Pastry, Butter Tarts (Two Ways!), and the legendary Nainamo Bar, the sweet and no-bake dessert perfect for any party. 


Check out the Bars & Butter Tarts Cooking Class >







Pie & Kinda Pie Cooking Class 


This cooking class teaches you how to make pastry dough, meat pie, and a 'lazy pie' that's perfect when you're in a pitch for a party!  Pair that with a simple salad topped with a Maple Vinaigrette and you've got the makings of an epic meal. 


Check Out the Pie & Kinda Pie Cooking Class >











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