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This landlocked country is bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia. It's a fascinating place with an even more fascinating history. With influence from both Turkish and Roman cultures, Hungary has everything from gorgeous architecture to mineral spas to what's considered one of the most intricate languages... Hungarian food is one of the most sophisticated styles of cooking in Eastern Europe and in Budapest, you'll enjoy everything from Hungarian-style cafes, trendy eateries, to Michelin-starred restaurants. And while you may be surprised, Hungarian wines are some of the most revered in the world.

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A rich region but surprisingly young country - transport to the food mecca of Italy. Known world over as the favorite food of most all, it could take a lifetime to master all of Italy's most famous dishes. With a diverse country ranging from rice fields to some of the best dairies in the world, it's impossible to not fall in love with Italy.


This delicious country is a favorite in world cuisine. Authentic Mexican food is vibrant, fresh, spicy and fun. It is uses an amazing array of chillies, both fresh and dried. Incredibly complex and filled with history, Mexico’s six major regions are culinary diverse due to key differences in geography, and history. The north of Mexico is known for beef and goat, in the Yucatan, food tends to be sweeter and less spicy whereas the Oaxacan region is known for its savoury tamales and moles.

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Welcome to Spain, a country devoted to living the good life. From ancient cities, wild cliffs, the snow capped Sierra Nevada, to the sun and salty waters of the Mediterranean - in Spain, you'll find everything and more. Food and wine are the soul of the country, with homes cooking recipes passed down for generations and celebrity chefs sharing the same corner. Be it enjoying Tapa at a rowdy bar to splurging on an elegant Michelin starred meal - this country is one that has it all.


Thailand is as stunning as it is diverse. With landscape ranging from deep jungle to vibrant cities to some of the best beaches in the world, this relaxing country is filled with beauty all around. Whether you appreciate the grand monasteries or the boats crashing against the shoreline, there is something for everyone to discover. But we argue it's the flavors, and not the sights that may put this country on the global must-see map. The perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy - it's hard to not fall in love with everything Thailand has in store.


Home to one of the earliest settlements in the world, understanding Turkish history could take a lifetime. The Republic of Turkey sits at the intersect of Europe and Asia, but modern culture often associates it most with the Middle East. Istanbul, the largest city in the country, is split in the center, where the west bank is part of the European continent and the east bank is in Asia. A wildly diverse country, and surrounded by seas, Turkish cuisine is as diverse as it gets. But all you have to do is visit a Turkish home to know that, as you'll never leave unfed.


There's so much to love about Vietnam. This gorgeous country spans soaring mountains to endless rice paddies and an incredible array of lakes and mega-cities in between. From gazing over incredible limestone islands to dodging motorbikes in Hanoi, this country is one to experience. The diversity of the country brings brilliance to its food - fresh herbs and aromatics, a bit of heat, hint of sweetness, touch of sourness, and just enough fermented flavors. Vietnam has it all.