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The fifth largest country in the world, Brazil's landscape is dramatically varied ranging from the Amazon, to grasslands, swamplands, pine forests, and coastal plains. Like the land, the people of Brazil are just as varied, with strong Amerindian, Portuguese and African influences. At the heart of the Brazilian diet are Rice, Beans and Manioc (also known as Cassava or Yucca). When we think of Brazilian food, first to mind is churrasco style cooking. In this country, barbecue isn't just a way of cooking, it's a way of life (just visit the city of Nova Brescia and you'll find a statue of a man barbecuing in the central plaza!). Festive gatherings bring loved ones together to grill different types of meat on long skewers, from Prime Rib, Linguica (a Portuguese-style sausage), Lamb, Chicken and more. But at the heart of these celebrations is the family spirit, which is so important in this stunning country.