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Live from Johannesburg, South Africa


Owner of BongaPettit, private chef to royalty, celebrities, politicians, and business executives


Chef Bonga hails from a small village in Bhamshela, north of Durban, a popular coastal town about 7 hours drive from Johannesburg. At the age of 21 he graduated from Culinary school in his hometown, and then went on to work as a Chef at Ushaka Marine World, the 5th largest theme park in the world. Since then, he’s held positions at the Ritz Carlton, top hotels and restaurants in Johannesburg, and is considered one of the top executive chefs in his country. He’s cooked for the likes of the Swazi Royal family, Miss South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife and the American celebrity, Judge Judy. His company, Bongappettit, caters to South Africa’s top executives, CEOs, celebrities, politicians and food loving households looking to have an amazing culinary experience. He’s thrilled to join you in his kitchen, so he can teach you the food, sound and even dance of South Africa.



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