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About the Class Pass

With a number of Class Passes, there's something for everyone. Choose between our best-selling Around The World 5 Class Pass, Doughs Around the World Class Pass, the What's In Your Fridge Class Pass, and more. Build a culinary and cultural journey catered to you and loved ones that share in the fun.

How It Works:

  • Enjoy a monthly subscription allowing you to unlock all classes, or specially curated classes within a Class Pass theme

  • Dig into a culinary passion or explore a fascinating region and the culinary treasures

  • Get curated and coordinated learning from our international chef team who build your global journey and create curriculum specific to you

  • Access exclusive Behind the Scenes content at local markets and culinary producers

  • Enjoy exclusive recipes from our world-class chefs 

The Chef & The Dish

Class Passes

Select Your Class Pass

  • Dough Making Around the World

    Every month
    Get your hands dirty! Master different doughs from around the world in this 6 Month Class Pass.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Explore 6 curated classes over 6 months
    • Cook with 6 different chefs in 6 different countries
    • Learn 6 different types of dough and applications
    • Master pasta, pastry, strudel, phyllo, breads and more
    • Get a bonus 60 minute check in with any chef of your choice
    • Get inspired by exclusive recipes from your chef's country
    • Get personalized attention in a 1:1 class
    • Stay active while staying home
    • Empanadas Three Ways with Chef Lucia, live from Peru
    • Fresh Pasta & Ragu with Chef Carlotta, live from Italy
    • Strudel from Scratch with Chef Agnes, live from Hungary
    • Batter Master Class with Chef Ted, live from New England
    • Breads of India with Chef Shoubham, live from India
    • Gateau Basque with Chef Ben, live from Spain
    • Beignets with Chef Gason, live from New Orleans
    • Homemade Phyllo with Chef Asli, live from Turkey
    • Vegetarian Tacos with Chef Andres, live from Mexico
  • What's In Your Fridge Monthly Series

    Every month
    Enjoy one night a month with a chef virtually calling into your kitchen for dinner help!
    Valid for 3 months
    • World chef virtually calls into your kitchen
    • Make an amazing meal with ingredients you already have
    • Enjoy 3 What's In Your Fridge Experiences over 3 months
    • Cook up your main course in a 90 minute experience
    • Get personalized tips, tricks and make a fabulous meal!
    • 1:1 coaching with highly accomplished chef around the world
    • Exclusive Access: Shake Up the Weeknight 12 Week Challenge
    • Breakup the weeknight routine with in-home entertainment
    • Have some fun in your kitchen
  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

    Every 2 months
    Get inspiration and explore new flavors to turn this weeknight staple into a culinary feast.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Explore 6 classes at your leisure over 12 months
    • Cook with 6 chefs from 6 different countries
    • Master ground chicken, one-pot meals and elaborate dinners
    • Access our Exclusive 26-Week Chicken Challenge!
    • Learn new techniques and stay active while staying home
    • Stuffed Meatballs with Chef Andres, live from Mexico
    • Chicken Paprikash with Chef Agnes, live from Hungary
    • Chicken Satay & Fried Rice with Chef Joy, live from Thailand
    • Butter Chicken with Chef Shoubham, live from India
    • Stuffed Chicken with Chef Ted, live from New England
    • Preserved Lemon Chicken with Chef Badr, live from Morocco
    • Arroz con Pollo with Chef Lucia, live from Peru
    • Chicken Paella with Chef Ben, live from Spain
    • Chicken Caciatora with Chef Carlotta, live from Italy

What's Included:

  • A curated class selection along with exclusive content. Just pick your journey, then get ready for a monthly adventure

  • Exclusive content specific to your Class Pass including Behind the Scenes with local producers, Travel Tips, Insiders "Must Eats" guides, written recipes, and lots, lots more

  • White Glove Service from our Kitchen Assistants who help build your journey in a private Kitchen Prep Session. 

  • Personal Kitchen Assistant to answer all your questions throughout your Class Pass journey

  • Music playlists, cocktail recipes and wine pairings

  • Personalized step-by-step coaching

  • Authentic meals and new chef friends

Michael Snell

My Niece and I took Chef Asli's Turkish Kebabs class. Chef Asli was so knowledgeable and patient. I have actually made kefta kabob a lot at home, and have struggled to improve the texture of both ground lamb and ground beef. I've tried most things: adding baking sode, adding a panade, grating and onion and dehydrating it. When I mentioned this to Chef Asli, her advice was so simple to implement (and unexpected). The result was succulent, tender kebab with not hint of meatball…

Lynda Killeen

We had a Moroccan cooking class with Chef Badr, we cooked Chicken Tagine a warm tomato salad and stuffed olives followed by Moroccan mint tea. Chef Badr was excellent at showing us how to prepare and cook all the dishes everything turned out perfectly We think Chef Badr is patient and makes the class very enjoyable we shared the delicious Moroccan food with our family everyone loved the food. Thanks to Chef Badr and also The Chef and The Dish. Our Kitchen Assistant was very helpful in preparing for the class.

Nick Mahalak

Chef Andres Jordan went way above and beyond! Excellent experience, great personality, the food was absolutely amazing, and my fiancé and I had the perfect date night!! It was great learning also about the history and tradition of this Mexican dish and he was beyond personable which made the experience even better! We cannot wait to share this with friends and family. If you want a 10/10 experience, would highly recommend working with Chef Andres Jordan! Thank you so much and thank you to The Chef and The Dish!

What People Have Been Saying

Borscht & Pelmeni Dumplings

A tour of delicious dumplings around the world wouldn't be complete without Pelmeni dumplings.  A likely theory suggests pelmeni dumplings originated in Siberia...

Private 1:1 Experiences: Starts at $149/pp


From Hungary

Chowder & Crab Cakes

Chowder is an institution in New England. In certain parts of the region, there are even laws dictating what is constituted as a proper chowder.  And we get it....

Private 1:1 Experiences: Starts at $149/pp


From New England

Visit San Sebastian

Take a trip to the North of Spain in this beautiful cooking class where you'll learn the art of San Sebastian's most famous pinchos. Considered a cornerstone of...

Private 1:1 Experiences: Starts at $149/pp


From Spain


If we could assign only one word to describe ravioli, it would be perfect. We would change nothing, we would add nothing, it's perfect, just as it is. In this e...

Private 1:1 Experiences: Starts at $149/pp


From Italy

Vegetarian Tacos

Traditional Mexican food is a world treasure. Protected by UNESCO, Mexican cuisine is incredibly diverse from north to south, from coast to land, and between co...

Private 1:1 Experiences: Starts at $149/pp


From Mexico

Empanadas Three Ways

Each culture in the world has their version of stuffed dough. And while the origins of empanadas aren't entirely clear, these handheld treats are popular across...

Private 1:1 Experiences: Starts at $149/pp


From Peru

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