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Certified Testing

At The Chef & The Dish, we take your experiences seriously. Whether you're virtually travelling to Thailand or Turkey, we want you to know your experience will be best-in-class.

In addition to their extensive experience, each chef at The Chef & The Dish undergoes training by our Experience Team to ensure teaching methods meet our high standards.

Every class with The Chef & The Dish undergoes our Certified Testing process. Our chefs test every recipe, in multiple settings, sometimes multiple times with our Certified Testers to ensure dishes are replicated in the most authentic and delicious way.  We work with our chefs to change dishes, simplify methods, source ingredients, expand learning points, widen skill level, develop consistency, and more - all to produce the best cooking-together experiences on the planet. 

No class is launched until it has surpassed each of these criteria, achieving the gold standard our clients expect and deserve.

  • Dishes are the traditional, commonly agreed upon, and most-delicious version of the local dish

  • Ingredients can be sourced on a global scale, with easy to find substitutes or adequate replacements, to produce an authentic version of the dish at home

  • Teaching method produces an enjoyable and entertaining class that results in cultural and culinary learning for a variety of skill sets and interests

  • Final dishes are delicious and enjoyable, just as they would be in the chef's own country

If you're a guest who has a comment about a recent experience, please contact us, or leave a review. 

Join Our Community of Foodies

Transport Your Kitchen for the Day.™

Join Our Community of Foodies

Transport Your Kitchen for the Day.™

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