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Chicken Cacciatora

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Intermediate to Advanced

Class Duration: 

2 to 2-1/2 hours


Italian, English



Intermediate to Advanced

2 to 2-1/2 hours



Transport to the rolling hills of Tuscany in this fabulous Chicken Cacciatora cooking class

Close your eyes and let's transport to the rolling hills of Tuscany. This three-course menu will have you whisked away to the countryside. Directly translating to "Hunters Chicken" - this one-pot meal was used to keep hunters full with a hearty stew that could be cooked outdoors over an open fire.  Now, this class is an ode to the traditional Tuscan family meal.

Your home will fill with the cozy scents of bubbling tomatoes, olives, and spices simmering away on the stove. While your Cacciatora cooks, you and your chef, video calling you from Italy, will whip up a bechamel for your Fennel Gratin. Fennel, a popular Italian vegetable is topped with a gorgeous selection of cheeses and then baked to perfection.  But not to miss - your meal will end with the perfect little cookies. Biscotti alla Florentine, are simple, delicate and yes- very impressive chocolate, fruit and nut treats.  This cooking class is one you can't miss. 

*note, upon booking, you can opt to learn how to break down a whole chicken from scratch

20 minute Kitchen Prep Session with a Personal Kitchen Assistant who will get you ready! Includes teaching about ingredients and answering any questions you have as you get ready for your private cooking experience

2-1/2 hour Private Cooking Class via Skype with a highly accomplished global chef who lives where the recipe originated. Perfect for stay home date nights!

Personalized step-by-step coaching, tips, culinary tricks, sharing of stories, and more

A fantastic multi-course meal, 100% authentic and enjoyed as if you travelled to your chef's country!

Music Playlists featuring artists from the chef's country to get ready for your experience