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Transport Your Kitchen

At the time of your cooking class, your chef will video call you through Skype. Then you'll cook together! Two hours and three dishes later... say goodbye to your private chef and enjoy an epic meal.


Minimum Requirement

1. Internet sped 1.5 Mbps upload and download

2. Latest version of Skype

Download Our Guide

Full screen, privacy settings and more with handy screenshots to make having the best experience - easy!

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Skype for Windows

Before Your Class Begins

Check Your Internet Speed

Your internet speed must meet the minimum requirements as stated on the Technology Requirements section.  If you end your call and you still experience problems or severe lags, check your speed at  Sometimes the internet experiences surges and dips.  You may be experiencing a slight dip. You can move your router closer to your computer if needed.  

Test My Speed

Do a Skype Test Call

Make sure your audio is being heard by conducting a Skype Test Call. 

Learn More

Basic Troubleshooting


End Your Call and Call Back

This is the most common fix to problems.  Simply close out of your Skype call, and call again.  

Ask the Chef to Disconnect the Equipment

Our chefs use HD equipment to ensure a great broadcast. In the event your Internet Speed is close to 1.5 Mbps upload / 1.5 Mbps download, you might not be able to hold an HD call. The chefs may disconnect their HD equipment and call you back using SD equipment to have a more stable connection. 

Change the Video Conference to a New Platform

If all else fails, we may choose to move your cooking class to the backup video conference.

If Skype is experiencing a very rare outage, you will find that information here: 

Skype Outages: Skype Online

Skype for Mac