Whether you're in the Distillery District, Leslieville or Yorkville, The Chef & The Dish offers Private Culinary Experiences in your own Toronto kitchen. 


Cook with a chef in Italy, Japan, Spain - without leaving home - all in a private video conference - just you and the chef. 


Master the world’s most iconic dishes from Handmade Pasta, Paella, Jambalaya, to Gyoza, with a Private Chef who lives where the recipe originated – live via Skype.  

Select the class and book the date. You'll get a personal Kitchen Assistant who sends your Shopping List. At your class time, sign on to Skype and your Chef will call you for your 2 - 21/2 hour cooking class! 


Toronto Italian Spanish Hungarian Japanese Cooking Classes

Shopping is part of the fun of our cooking classes! Once your cooking class is booked, your Kitchen Assistant provides your Shopping List. The Chef & The Dish recommends these markets and speciality grocery shops for the most authentic culinary experience in the Toronto area. 


Being Toronto’s one-stop shop for authentic Japanese products since 1968, SANKO is an excellent place to find all the things you need for one of our Japanese Cooking Classes.



The best stop for fresh produce. Visit the rice market in the basement for a wide variety of rices for our cooking classes, and other specialty shops in the market.


Meats hang from the ceiling, pastry smells fill the air, and imported beans, oils, vegetables, and tomatoes grace the shelves at this destination gourmet store just outside the downtown core.


A family run business for 100 years, From spices for your New Orleans Cooking Class to delicious olive oils for your Spanish or Italian Cooking Class, they’ve got it all. 


Their beautiful produce is hard to resist. Harvest Wagon has a large selection of high-quality international products which makes it a great place to shop for our Italian, Spanish or American Cooking Classes


Although they aren’t in the downtown core, this store is worth the drive. Denninger’s has food from around the globe but specializes in European products, perfect for our Hungarian Cooking Classes


The only Japanese butcher in Toronto, FãMu specializes in Japanese cuts of meat while also offering North American as well. Meats are sourced from small, local farms without the use of chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones.


Imported products abound the modern and sleek stores owned by the famed Canadian restauranteur. Specializing in canned and bottled products, the North Toronto and Financial District spots are perfect for high-end products.