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Chef, Jamaica

Help Spread The Joy Of Cooking

Are you an expert in the vibrant and diverse flavors of Jamaican Cuisine? Do you live in Jamaica and are looking to build a global audience? We are seeking a talented Chef to join our team as an Online Cooking Instructor specializing in the art of traditional Jamaican cuisine, live from Jamaica. Through virtual cooking lessons, you'll have the opportunity to introduce participants to the rich culinary traditions and unique ingredients of the Caribbean, fostering a deeper appreciation for this captivating cuisine and your country.

Why The Chef & The Dish

Since 2016, The Chef & The Dish, Inc. has been connecting kitchens across the world. As the founders of cooking together online, our vision of in-home online experiences is the foundation of what we do.

Founded by a former Apple executive, the mission of The Chef & The Dish is to connect people to traditional food, recipes, home-cooks and chefs through cultural cooking classes live through video conference.

The Chef & The Dish is the leader in the virtual cooking economy, but don’t trust us - listen to what the media say. The Chef & The Dish has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Martha Stewart, CBS, CNN, ABC, Conde Nast, NY Post, TimeOut NY, National Post, Daily Mail, and tens more.


  • Jamaican Culinary Expertise: Showcase an in-depth understanding of Jamaican Cuisine, including dishes from your island, cooking techniques, and the cultural significance of ingredients.

  • Interactive Virtual Classes: Conduct dynamic and interactive online cooking classes that cater to participants of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned home cooks, live from Jamaica.

  • Cultural Context: Infuse your classes with cultural context and historical insights, sharing the stories and traditions behind each dish.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions during live classes, empowering participants to recreate dishes with confidence.

  • Embrace Diversity: Celebrate the diversity of your country, exploring dishes from your region and showcasing their unique characteristics.

  • Ingredient Adaptation: Offer creative solutions for ingredient substitutions to accommodate participants' locations and ensure accessibility to authentic cuisine.

  • Pro Tips and Techniques: Share your culinary expertise with participants, offering pro tips and techniques to elevate their cooking skills and presentation of Jamaican dishes.

  • Engage and Support: Foster a warm and inclusive learning environment, encouraging participant questions, and providing feedback to enhance their cooking journey.

  • Recipe Development: Build authentic Jamaican classes suitable for international audiences, with an emphasis on preserving the true essence of each dish and the cultural importance.


  • Lives and works from Jamaica

  • Proficiency in Jamaican Cuisine with a deep understanding of traditional dishes from across the region

  • Prior experience in culinary arts

  • Excellent verbal communication skills and a friendly, approachable style.

  • Passion for sharing the unique flavors and cultural heritage of the Caribbean with a global audience.

  • Comfortable using online platforms

  • Ability to foster an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for participants from diverse backgrounds.

Join us in spreading the wonders of your world and nurturing a greater understanding and appreciation for the culinary treasures of your country. Let's transport kitchen around the world on an exciting culinary journey together and bring the tastes of the Caribbean to kitchens worldwide!