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Technical Requirements

It's easy! If you're on this website, you probably have everything you need!  


The Chef & The Dish connects customers and cooking instructors through video conference.  In order to connect to our chefs you must have:


1.  A laptop with a built in camera or external webcam.  You can also use an iPad, but for optimal experience, we recommend using a laptop.  Your computer must have strong, working sound.


2.  The latest version of Skype installed on the computer.  You can download Skype here:


3.  A strong internet connection.  Wifi will work fine, but connecting through a hardwire will offer optimal results.  Our chefs use High Definition Cameras, to experience them in HD quality you should check your connection speed visiting  


Recommended speeds are as follows: 



- Download Speed: 1.6Mbps **or higher

- Upload Speed: 1.6Mbps or higher

Video Calling:

- Download Speed: 500kbps* or higher

- Upload Speed: 500kbps or higer

Video conferencing technology has made great strides in the past years.  This said, hiccups still happen.  If you experience an echo or camera delay, it will likely fix itself within a minute.  If not, please take this in stride and follow your chef's instructions or use the troubleshooting document provided in your Kitchen Prep Session. 


Prior to your class, you will be contacted by a Kitchen Assistant from The Chef & The Dish to do a set-up test.  During this test, we will walk through your technical set-up to ensure everything is in working order.  We'll also provide you with expert tips to ensure you enjoy the most out of your class and private chef experience.


If ever you have any questions, you can contact us at  We're here to make sure you have a great kitchen to kitchen culinary experience. 

If you're new to Skype watch the videos below for more.