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In Japan, food is a ritual respected by all. Here, food culture can be intimidating to travelers. Every dining experience has its own set of etiquette and each region its own unique culinary distinctions, the preservation of which has become increasingly more important. In fact, UNESCO recently added Washoku, or traditional Japanese cuisine, to their list of 'Intangible Cultural Heritage', meaning the preservation of traditional Japanese food is considered critical in maintaining the culture. Dive into Japan’s cuisine and you’ll find a treasure trove of history and cultural insights. Fresh seafood, seasonal eating, miso, bento boxes, and more – the flavors of Japan await.


Fun Facts: 

In Japan there is 1 vending machine for every 24 people. With approximately 5 million vending machines, it has the highest density in the world. You can find everything from flowers to sake to ramen and practically everything in between.

National Dish: 

Curry Rice

Capital City: 



125,700,000 million (2021 est)


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Class Snack Ideas

There are so many fun Japanese snacks to explore. Head to your local Japanese market to find everything from seaweed snacks to fun candies. For savory snacks, pick up some Sucorn or Pretz - both crunchy snacks. For the sweet lovers, don't miss Pocky or Japanese Kit Kats (green tea flavor are a favorite).

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