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Turkish Pizza

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Beginner to Advanced

Class Duration: 

90 minutes


English, Turkish



Beginner to Advanced

90 minutes



Learn how to make some of the best street food from Turkey, Turkish Pizza, in a team building class that you'll never forget

Lachmajun (pronounced "lahma'joun") is about to become all the rage. Fresh, light and incredibly satisfying, this Turkish Pizza class will become a new favorite. Lachmajun is enjoyed across several Middle Eastern countries. Made in a skillet on the stove, your team will transform their own handmade dough into a Turkish masterpiece! 

Your class is lead by the incredible Asli, as featured on CNBC World, Shane Dalia’s Spice Route, and countless local TV programs. 

View our Class Reel here to watch how our Team Experiences work.

Highly accomplished chef video calling in from the country where the recipe originated

Professional Host to ensure your class is seamless and deeply interactive

24 hour White Glove Service from Kitchen Assistants who will assist your team with Shopping List questions and even help with event planning

The Chef & The Dish Certified Tested Class

Event Website Custom to your Company to register for their experience, complete with your logo