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11 Must Try Christmas Cookies Around the World







The tradition of gathering in the kitchen during the holidays is one of our most favorite of all traditions. The warmth of the oven, smells of sweet treats baking away, and memories of joy and laughter are truly the best of the year. This year, bring the comfort of the season into your kitchen, with inspiration from some of the most popular cookies eaten around the world during the Christmas season.


Country of Origin: Germany

This spiced cookie is a Christmas favorite in Germany. Though there are some variations, common spices include white pepper, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg. You will typically find them either coated in an icing or dusted with sugar.


Country of Origin: Russia

This Russian gingerbread cookie is very similar to German pfeffernusse, but these often include jam in the center of the cookie and come in more varied, intricate designs. Pair with tea for the perfect Russian Christmas treat!

Linzer Cookies

Country of Origin: Austria

These classic, iconic Christmas cookies hail from Austria and are a twist on the famous Austrian dessert, Linzer Torte. Known for being both beautiful and delicious, these cookies consist of jam (typically apricot, redcurrant, or rasberry) sandwiched between two buttery, nutty shortbread-style cookies. They are dusted with powdered sugar and feature a cut out that creates a stained glass-like effect.


Country of Origin: Poland

This popular Christmas cookies may hail from Poland, but variations can be found across Eastern Europe. Their characteristically sweet and flaky texture comes from the use of cream cheese in the dough. They are typically filled with various jams, though you can also find them filled with sweet cheese, poppyseeds, and more.


Known as vanillekipferl in Austria, hókifli is a crescent-shaped walnut cookie that is popular during Christmas time across Austria, Hungary, and Germany. They consist of a rich, flakey dough with a sweet walnut filling and are dusted with powdered sugar.


Country of Origin: Argentina