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Ultimate Foodie Bucket List







Many start a new year with a list of health proclamations about eating-healthy-this and not-eating that. While we always encourage mindful eating, we think it’s much more fun to challenge your palette with new and interesting things, pushing the boundaries of flavour and tasting foods you’ve never even heard of (it's why we love cooking classes!). For the people who wake up thinking about what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner - consider this your ultimate resource. Welcome to your Foodie Bucket List.

Cook the way your ancestors did, over an open fire

1. Cook Over an Open Fire

This year, make something over an open fire (not just a hotdog or s'mores). Maybe it’s Paella which is common in Spain, or perhaps try your hand at naan bread!

Alternative Proteins including legumes and even bugs are friendly on the wallet and high on the nutrition

2. Eat Some Bugs (or Maybe Just More Legumes)

We challenge you to eat an insect...or at least look for other sources of protein. Make Meatless Monday occasionally stretch to Tuesday, too. Want inspiration? Start simple. This enchilada cooking class includes a fabulous homemade guacamole, topped with crickets. Although they're optional, we say go for it!

This is the year to master your signature dessert

3. Master Your Signature Dessert

Maybe you’ll find your inner baker, or perhaps you'll want to master an impressive no-bake dessert like Tiramisu or Apple Strudel from Scratch. Regardless, decide on a dessert you want as your personal signature - and master it.

Experiment with new spices and discover new dishes from around the world

4. Scour the Spice Market

Whether its Za’atar, Turmeric, or Togarashi - we challenge you to visit a market or grocery store and buy a spice you’ve never used before. Bring it home and then find an authentic dish to make. We think your mouth will be very happy. Check out our Spice Advice for some tips!