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Just over a year ago I left the world's most admired technology company in search of a more simple life. One where I could enjoy more moments and people, and little things like great conversation over a dimly light dinner table.

Leaving the corporate world is a big change. It means leaving behind stability and making change that comes with a more simple life. It takes time, but a more mindful life certainly seemed worth the effort.

Since then, I've been fortunate enough to travel to many places, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Thailand... and discovered the world through the eyes of those I met. I learned about their history and traditions and immersed myself in what seemed to make every culture different - food.

Love of food is nothing new in my life. I've eaten my way through many countries in the world... I can attest that the pretzels in Germany are unlike any pretzel you'll find in North America. The fish and chips in London are hands down the best. You haven't eaten until you've had cheese in France. The bolognese sauce in Italy may actually change your life. The clam chowder in Boston is really the only kind of chowder worthy of the name. And poutine in Montreal is leaps and bounds more plate-licking than anywhere else I've been.

I've cooked with chefs and home-cooks in many countries. In doing so, I realized there's a passion and ritual to these dishes that is lost the further they get away from their souce. It's sacreligous for example to eat a Buffalo Chicken Wing with anything other than bleu cheese dressing. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, so I know.

And there's another thing... the stand-out, really awesome versions of these dishes have passion. It's made with family, over stories, sometimes wine, sometimes products from local producers, and a lot of time - Grandma's recipes. There's heart in the dishes... pride... and that just can't be translated by following a recipe - it's someone telling you over your shoulder, "turn the fire up a bit higher" or "let it simmer for another minute".

As I told people about my travels, the stories kept coming back to food. Everyone loved the idea of cooking together. It was then I realized - people want to connect kitchen to kitchen to share in their culinary traditions. Experience the traditions, stories, sounds, recipes and flavours that come from these incredible places.

So, I'd like to welcome you to The Chef & The Dish.

Our mission is to transport your kitchen for a day. Introduce you to people from anywhere. Invite you into their kitchen, and teach you their traditions.

And there's a lot more coming.

Let's get cooking.

For the Love of Food,

Jenn Nicken


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