Fathers Day: 10 Gift Ideas for Your Foodie Father

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

Father’s Day is upon us and it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful fathers who provide, protect, and nurture their families.

Maybe this year dad was super awesome (renovation help, hello!) and deserves a special thank you.

We’ve rounded out 10 great gift ideas for any food loving father out there.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Steak Knives

Abbeyhorn Stag Antler Steak Knife:

These knifes will be treasured in your family for a long time to come.

Abbeyhorn has been making quality horn products in the north of England since 1749 and still makes all their products with a team of just nine people. No two knifes will be the same.

Available at Hopson Grace.

Gift Certificate for Wine Delivery:

Any wine loving dad will be excited to try a selection of hard to find wines and have them delivered right to the doorstep. Get a gift certificate and let them choose, or if you live far away, order a bunch of bottles and schedule a Father's Day delivery.

There's a number of different wine delivery services out there. If you’re based in Ontario or Alberta Canada, visit WineOnline.ca for a great selection.

Gifts for Food Loving Father: Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit:

Why buy the beer when you can make it at home?

This beer making kit comes in a variety of different brews - Summer Wheat, IPA, Oatmeal Stout, and even a Jalapeño Saison!

The Beer Making Kit gets rave reviews from Food & Wine, the New York Times, Real Simple Magazine, and lots more.

Available at the Brooklyn Brew Shop online.

Gifts for Food Loving Fathers: The Chef & The Dish Jambalaya Cooking Class

Jambalaya Cooking Class with The Chef & The Dish:

It’s self promotion - so, forgive us - but we don’t know many fathers who wouldn’t be super excited to learn how to master an authentic spicy Jambalaya, Creole Crab Cakes, and New Orleans BBQ Shrimp.

Even better, we don’t know any food loving father who wouldn’t be beyond stoked to cook with the help of Chef Gason, a New Orleans celebrity chef who’s cooked for NFL players and action stars alike. Get a cooking class for up to 4 people - and dad can cook with the kids for an awesome day together.

Throw in a case of beer and we think your father will have been sent to Fathers Day Gift Heaven.

Chopping and Serving Blocks

Anyone who loves meat and cheese needs a great board.

These charcuterie and cheese boards from PLANK are beautiful. Each board is 100% Made in Canada and locally sourced from reclaimed or salvaged wood.

Available here.

McClure's Bloody Mary & Pickle Pack:

We're a big fan of McClure's pickles. The McClure family recipe has been passed down from their great grandmother Lala's recipe, and after years of making pickles for friends and family they opened up shop in Detroit and Brooklyn. Their products are now available across North America at speciality shops.

Order from McClure's online and get a four pack set that gives a taste of all the yummy makings for an awesome Bloody Mary for dad.

Gifts for Food Loving Fathers: Paella Kit

Paella Kit from La Tienda:

We love this go-to Paella making kit. It includes most everything you need to make a fantastic Paella at home including a 15” steel pan, Bomba rice, Spanish Saffron, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and more treats.

Book a Paella class with Chef Pol and he’ll teach you how to use the kit like a Spanish pro.

Father's Day Gift Idea for Foodies: BBQ Tool Set from Williams Sonoma

Williams-Sonoma BBQ Tool Set:

This fantastic grilling set includes four stainless-steel grill tools including a basting mop, fork, spatula and tongs in a beautiful storage case.

Great for any BBQ lover.

Available at Williams Sonoma.

Gifts for Food Loving Father: Yakitori Grill

Kama-asa Original Yakitori Charcoal Grill: If you're looking for something a bit different for dad who loves his BBQ - why not try this charcoal grill? It's an incredible addition to the kitchen of anyone who loves grilling and Japanese. For use at home or outdoors, this charcoal grill lets you make Yakitori (grilled and skewered meat) almost anywhere.

Kama Asa is a kitchen store close to Chef Yoshimi in Japan. Although they are now quite large and offer international shipping, it remains a family run business. If you order quick, you may be able to get your gift on time for Father’s Day. You can learn more about the artisans behind their products by visiting them online.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Meat Rubs

Rubs of the South:

If your father loves American style southern food, this is a great gift to showcase the different regional flavours of spice rubs. The southern United States varies drastically with its use of spices and flavours.

This kit includes five different rubs from five places including; Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Georgia.

Available through Etsy.

For the Love of Great Fathers Everywhere,

(Love you Dad!)

Jenn Nicken


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