The Anatomy of a New Orleans Po Boy Sandwich

Every city has their signature sandwich. In Buffalo, it's the Beef on Weck or Chicken Finger Sub. In New York City, it's the Pastrami Sandwich. In Montreal it would be a Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich. In Philadelphia, it would be nothing else but the Philly Cheesesteak.

New Orleans is lucky enough to have two, the Po' Boy and the Muffuletta.

Chef Gason teaches his clients how to perfect a crunchy, spicy, soft and chewy, oh-my-god-that's-good Seafood Po Boy in his Po' Boy & Gumbo cooking class. And after you take your private class, we promise - you'll never have a boring sandwich again.

Here's a little study sheet on the anatomy of a Po Boy. The rest, you'll learn in your cooking class. Bet 'cha can't wait to taste it!

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