Are you a Picky Eater? Take these Quizzes to Find Out.

Liver and onions turn you off? What about Bleu Cheese? Or perhaps you keep garlic at arms length like one of our dear friends. Are you the first one to say you'll eat a grasshopper or the one that goes screaming?

What you eat says a lot about you... whether you're easy going, adventurous, open minded, whether your foodie friends like having you over for dinner (ahem), and of course it also says a lot about your health.

Our cooking classes teach you how to use ingredients celebrated around the world. Last week we shared a traditional Italian recipe from Chef Daniela, Peperonata, that calls for anchovies - and why you shouldn't be scared of eating them. Are you one of the people that wouldn't dare?

How much of a picky eater are you? Take one of these quizzes on BuzzFeed, HelloQuizzy or Daily Edge find out.

Spanish Cooking Classes (in your own home!)

Skype Chef Ana Lopez into your home from Spain. In our private cooking classes, you'll learn how to cook Spain's most iconic dishes, including Paella!

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