Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World

While not every country celebrates Valentine's Day like we do in North America, these countries have sweet traditions of their own.

South Korea

The tables turn in this country! On Valentine's Day it's the woman's responsibility to show their affection! Women shower their loved ones with chocolates and candy. Come March 14th, what's known as White Day in South Korea.. it's the men's turn. On White Day, men who received a gift for Valentine's Day respond with a gift in return.


Valentine's Day comes early in Wales where it's celebrated in January rather than February like most of the world. Here, the Welsh show their love by gifting love spoons! Each spoon is engraved with characters and shapes that have symbolic value.


Valentine's Day takes this romantic country by storm. Thousands of couples wait for Valentine's Day to get married or renew their vows. They even see mass marriage ceremonies!

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Baci, the chocolate sweet that originates from the region of Perugia, Italy - is the gift of choice. Baci translates to "kiss" - so this romantic country gifts thousands of chocolate kisses.

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While chocolates are popular in Germany, the real tradition is Lebkuchenherz. Lebkuchen "hearts" are spiced cookies similar to gingerbread and are topped with sweet messages like "Ich Liebe Dich" or "I Love You".


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