Romantic Meals | If Love Was Food....

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, colours…. and flavours… With another Valentine’s Day at our doorstep, there’s no way to avoid the saccharine sweetness of this holiday… so, we turned to what we think of as a true love... food.

...What is love, if love was food? For some, it might take form in a romantic lobster dinner for two, for others it's getting your hands dirty at the neighbourhood BBQ joint. We decided to ask some of our favourite foodies about that special meal, whether you share it with your love, or are indulging in self-love.

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Sweet, Comforting and Warm

"To me, love -- whether it's the romantic kind or not -- feels sweet, comforting and warm, like the kind of thing you'd want to curl up inside to take a long nap.” says Kristen Aiken the Senior Editor for @HuffPostTaste. "That means comfort food, but not the salty, gut-bomb kind. Molten chocolate lava cake, with its gooey core of hot fudge, is perfectly portioned and will leave you feeling happy inside and out. It may look like an ordinary chocolate cake from the outside, but once you break it open all the good stuff comes out. It's a lot like your heart." @aikenforbacon

Hearty, Delicious and Unexpected

Christine, editor for, says love is something hearty and delicious. "I like something subtle but flavourful, like Braised Short Ribs Over Polenta. And instead of what you might expect, like the traditional sparkling wine or bold, brash reds, I’ll be enjoying a Winter Rose. While everyone knows about rosé for the warmer months, the change of season doesn't mean that rose has to be banished to the wine fridge. Winter Rose is a barrel-aged and perfect for the hearty winter dishes like a braised meat, or just a relaxing evening at home." @Strublepublications

Cute Memories (That Are Cheap!)

Julia Brucculieri, Style and Beauty Reporter at HuffPost says love is... Chicken Wings? "For our first Valentine's Day together six years ago, my boyfriend and I were in the middle of midterms in university and didn't feel like going out. Instead, we picked up some chicken wings from the hot food section at the grocery store - (we were students on a budget, after all!) -- brought them back to his apartment, sat on the floor and watched TV. After that night, we made it our tradition and we've had chicken wings on Valentine's Day every year since." @juliabruc

Simple But Decadent

Kirsty, Vancouverite behind loves simplicity and decadence, just like this Sea Urchin Pasta.“This dish is decadent, luscious, and full of umami (that special sense with inherent savoury flavour). It's great for Valentine’s Day or any other day that you want to share a nice meal with someone you love. I like to top the pasta with ingredients like ikura, to provide a surprising layer of contrasting texture. It keeps things interesting!” If you’re not familiar with how to use Sea Urchin, it’s easy! Get the recipe here! @eatingwithkirby

Something We Make Together

"If love were a meal, it's a meal we'd make together", says Olivia, Marketing Manager for The Chef & The Dish. "Pizza has become the way to my heart. It might not be the most traditionally romantic food, but my partner and I have fun making it together and we’ll make a whole night of it - strategizing on the multitude of combinations that embody the perfect pizza-pie. Everything from the grocery shopping, to the baking, to me realizing he choose better toppings... it's just fun. Throw in a couple glasses of wine and it’s my romantic meal. It’s become an annual Valentine’s Day tradition in our kitchen.”


It Would Be Simple

Love can be simple, just like a great meal. Veronica behind The Enchanted Cook says "I want to focus on the romance part and not the cooking part. So to me, the most romantic meals are simple so I don't spend the whole night working away in the kitchen. Fish is always a winner since it cooks so quickly, a simple asparagus will steam on its own while the fish is cooking, and dessert can be made a day or two in advance and be served right from the fridge." Check out her recipe for Almond Crusted Halibut here."


Anything That Let's Us Enjoy a Glass of Wine

"We've been married for 10 years, work together and have three boys under the age of 10" says Melanie Proefrock, avid entertainer who doubles as a History teacher. "Our life is crazy, we're busy all the time, but no matter how much time we spend together we still enjoy talking over a glass of wine. So if love were a food, it would be something that makes us open a bottle of wine, like Linguine with Clam Sauce or Wine Steamed Mussels. While the pasta is boiling and the sauce is cooking, we'll have a glass of wine, laugh about our crazy life and be grateful for every moment."


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