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Gourmet Meal

A team on a mission to


one shared meal at a time.

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Jenn Nicken, Founder of The Chef & The D

Jenn Nicken


Founder & CEO

Location: Toronto, Canada

Originally from Buffalo, NY Jenn spent two decades in the entertainment and technology industries, working with companies including Apple, ABC, NBC, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Discovery, Food Network, Disney, Universal, Sony, and more. She was part of the team that helped launch revolutionary products including iPod, iTunes, and Mac across North America.   

While working as the Head of Marketing for the Entertainment Division of Apple/iTunes in Canada, she realized she was longing over her passion for food and adventure.  And that was the beginning of The Chef & The Dish. She's now on a mission to re-invent the night in.  Her favourite food is still "Buffalo" Chicken Wings, extra crispy, hot with a side of Bleu Cheese. Jenn loves hearing from her guests, email her here.


Tanja Zelko

Head of Marketing

Location: Toronto, Canada

Tanja has been working in the digital marketing space her entire career across multiple industries, working on national campaigns and eCommerce sites for key Canadian brands.

Her love of cooking comes naturally, passed down through generations of home cooks. But as ready as she is to host a dinner party, she’s just as ready to hop on a plane and explore the world having traveled to various countries already. The Chef & The Dish has brought all her work and personal passions together in one place where she works to inspire our customers through their shared love of food and culture.


Michele Goldenberg


Head Kitchen Assistant

Location: Toronto, Canada

Michele is a passionate world traveller and home-cook. She's travelled over 50 countries and during her travels, she seeks out rich experiences off the beaten path to learn the local food.


After spending decades running her own international business, Michele joined The Chef & The Dish to help bring amazing experiences into homes of people around the world. She leads her team in ensuring our clients and partners receive white glove service and an experience they'll never forget. She's also semi-famous for her potato latkes.


Lisa McGran

Head of Certified Testing

Location: Toronto, Canada

Lisa has spent decades building international products and projects for the biggest brands in the world, including a long tenure running various divisions at Apple.


A lifelong cook and traveller, she pursued culinary school as a hobby receiving a Certificate of Culinary Arts from the prestigious George Brown College. She leads her team to ensure the highest standards of The Chef & The Dish brand are found in each and everyone of our experiences, making sure they surprise, delight and produce something delicious. 


Phil Morello

Business Development

Location: Sydney, Australia

Phil has worked for over 20 years in digital technology and media industries. Having recently spent over 10+ years working for Apple across, iTunes Music and the App Store, he was part of the original team to help launch the App Store into the Australian and New Zealand marketplace, creating an expectational experience for Apple customers and the developer community alike.
Coming from an Italian heritage background, his mother (originally from Florence, Italy) was always cooking authentic dishes for the family. An avid traveller and always looking for that special meal, Phil now leads the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. His mission is to bring amazing team experiences into corporations and people’s homes, so they can have a wonderful journey together.