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The Importance of Teaching Your Teens How to Cook







Teen learning how to cook in virtual cooking class

The saying goes… give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. By this logic, if you teach a man how to cook with fish, they'll be making themselves the best seafood pasta outside Italy!

Many of us fall into the habit of cooking for our kids, even when they’re well into their teens and are old enough to cook for the family. Perhaps we want to make sure our children eat a balanced meal. Maybe we’re busy and just want to get dinnertime done. And perhaps we feel as our kids get older, by the very essence of surviving, they’ll learn how to cook a few basic dishes, and then that knowledge will grow once they leave the house.

Research shows learning the fundamental skill of cooking is essential to living a happy, healthy, and self-sufficient life and the sooner one learns how to do that…the better! Learning how to cook is one of the most fundamental and important skills of life. We all need to eat, and as much as a quick ‘grab and go’ is handy in a pinch, you can’t survive on Doritos alone.

Here are 10 science backed reasons your kids and teens should join you in the kitchen and learn the valuable skill of cooking.

Cooking Classes Help Teenagers with Math


From measuring quantities to recipe conversions to fractions and more, it is no secret that cooking is a great way to both learn and practice math skills. If your kid is having trouble with math, try teaching them through the joy of cooking. A perfect example of this is teaching fractions through doubling a recipe. Simply double the amounts for a recipe and then reduce them to a measurable amount. If you double ¾ cups of flour that makes 6/4 cups which then must be measured out as 1 ½ cups to add to the recipe. Learn the basic conversions for kilograms to pounds, or milliliters to liters. You can use skills like this to help with logic based word problems and mental math as well!

Teens learning about science in online cooking class


At its core, cooking is chemistry. It’s the perfect time to watch science come to life as chemicals and heat interact with ingredients. For example, did you know that when an ingredient is cooked with heat, it quite literally changes its molecular makeup? Even microwaving something has a myriad of science and chemistry behind it. Microwaving bread, for example, causes the starch and protein molecules to break down and react with each other, thus creating dozens of organic molecules. This is barely even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the science of cooking! Breakout the periodic table and teach your kids and teens science through cooking!

Online Pasta Making Cooking Class

Learn how to make ravioli with a chef, live in Italy. It's a stay home date night you'll never forget.

Teenager and kid in an online cooking class


Cooking is considered an art form for a reason. While it may deal with left-brained matters such as math and science, it is the perfect outlet for right-brained, creative kids as well. The experience of cooking activates the senses. Your sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing all come together as you work through how to solve a problem from a different perspective. As your teen starts on their journey to learn how to cook, we encourage you to not use recipes when you can. This will allow them to use their creativity and senses to invent new dishes and new ways to do things. This simple act can fuel your kids creatively and give them a tasty treat in the process!