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Owner of top rated culinary experience in Hungary, Priv​ate chef for celebrities

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Specialities: Hungarian cuisine

Favourite Dishes: Chicken Paprika

Accolades: Owner of top rated Hungarian culinary experience, private chef to celebrities

About My Cooking Class: "In my cooking class, I'll teach you about popular Hungarian dishes, our most famous spices, Pálinka(!) and perhaps even a little about growing up in Communism"



Worked at an extensive collection of restaurants around the world,  Former instructor at the Basque Culinary Center and Mimo Food San Sebastian

Chef Location: San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Specialities: Basque and Spanish traditional cooking 

Favourite Dishes: Seafood dishes, stews and paellas 

Accolades:  Featured in IPA Magazine, Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking PBS, Destino Certo Canais Globo TV Brazil, Worked at an extensive collection of restaurants around the world 

About My Cooking Class: "Let me show you the secrets and the treasures of Basque and Spanish cooking. I will share my knowledge and passion for food with you. Can't wait to tell you stories about my culture, traditions, and unique and delicious recipes. My purpose is to awaken those edible memories from your childhood cooking together and of course…having lots of fun!"



Extensive Awards for Restaurant Ventures

Location: Dominican Republic

Specialities: Dominican cuisine and BBQ

Favourite Dishes: La Bandera Dominicana

Accolades: Owner of top rated restaurant and culinary experience in the Dominican 

About My Cooking Class: "Let's cook together. In my classes, I'll teach you about the rich history of the Dominican Republic and share with you my most loved dishes. You might be surprised! Let's enjoy some relaxed time cooking together."



Has worked in Michelin star restaurants, Owner of Culinary Experience

Chef Location: San Miguel, Mexico

Specialities: Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Favourite Dishes: Enchiladas Mineros

Accolades: Has worked in Michelin star restaurants, Owner of Culinary Experience

About My Cooking Class: "Let's have some fun together. I love my country and I'm excited to bring you into my Mexican kitchen!"



TV appearances across the world, including CNBC, Shane Delia's Spice Journey, and WDR Wundershön

Chef Location: Bodrum, Turkey

Specialities: Turkish and Mediterranean Cuisine

Favourite Dishes: All of them, but I especially love eggplant dishes

Accolades: Owner of Cooking Classes Bodrum, featured on CNBC World, Shane Delia's Spice Journey, and WDR Wundershön

About My Cooking Class: "I am so excited to bring my Turkish Home Cooking Classes to another level by coming into your kitchen and having you in mine, isn't this amazing? If you talk to anyone that's been to Turkey, they will first tell you how delicious the food was. Taste our delicious cuisine in the comfort of your home. Please be my guest and lets cook together!"



As featured in Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Ottawa Citizen and more

Chef Location: San Sebastian, Spain

Specialities: Traditional Basque Cuisine

Favourite Dishes: I love our fish dishes most

Accolades: As featured in Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Ottawa Citizen

About My Cooking Class: "Come with me to my beautiful region in the north of Spain.  My cooking classes are meant to transport you into my home where I will teach you about Spanish pintxos and our specialities. Please be my guest and lets cook together!"



Michelin star restaurant chef having worked for Michelin restaurants in over 5 cities, graduated top of class from ALMA University

Chef Location: Bari, Italy

Specialties: Pasta-making and Italian sweets!

Favourte Dishes: Panzerotti

Accolades: Chef at multiple Michelin Star restaurants

About My Cooking Classes: Cooking is a passport that lets you travel the world. It's an invisible string that brings everyone together. Welcome, come into my kitchen in Bari, Italy and I look forward to being part of yours. Let's make beautiful food together!"



Private chef to A-list celebrities and athletes, contestant on Food Network, regular chef on TV, James Beard Scholar.

Chef Location: New Orleans, Louisana 

Specialities: Anything creole, baby!

Favourite Dishes: New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Accolades: Private chef to the celebrities and professional athletes, featured on Food Network, regular TV chef in New Orleans, James Beard Scholar

About My Cooking Class: "Let's do this! You and I - we're going to make some awesome creole food together, and we're going to have fun doing it. Maybe I'll even tell you stories about cooking for Hollywood's A List celebrities."



Former owner of Noodle Soup Stall in Thailand, Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Chef Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

Specialities: Thai and Thai Street Food

Favourite Dishes: Vegetarian Red Curry

Accolades: Former owner of Noodle Soup Street Stall, Owner of Thai Cooking With Joy

About My Cooking Class: "Welcome to my island of Koh Tao in Thailand! I can't wait to teach you about Thai cooking. I make it easy for you, so you can make it over and over again at home. I can't wait to cook with you!"



Chef, Consultant and Peruvian Culinary Expert, recently consulted for one of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants

Chef Location: Lima, Peru

Specialities: All things Peru, from the coast to the jungle!

Favourite Dishes: Ceviche 

Accolades: Recognized chef and consultant, recently consulting for of the top 50 Restaurants in Latin America

About My Cooking Class: "Let's experience my country together! I'll teach you about our diverse argriculture, our incredible history, and all the while, we'll make some delicious Peruvian food together. Can't wait to meet you!"



Top Trip Advisor reviews at one of Vietnam's top restaurants

Chef Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Specialties: Modern Vietnamese Cooking

Favourite Dishes: Pho 

Accolades: Chef at one of the most critically aclaimed restaurants in Vietnam



Owner of Dona Xica, traditional Brazilian restaurant in village outside Rio de Janerio, Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Chef Location: Mina Gerais, Brazil 

Specialities: Brazilian Cuisine

Favourite Dishes: Brazilian "Quitanda" (Snacks)

Accolades: Owner of Trip Advisor Excellence awarded Restaurant, Culinary Teacher, Private Chef 

About My Cooking Class: "In my cooking class, I'll teach you about some Brazilian dishes, a little of our history and our most famous ingredients. All following my main guideline: Keep it Simple" 



Chef Location: Emilia Romagna, Italy 

Specialities: Fresh Pasta and Seafood

Favourite Dishes: Anything simple from my country

Accolades:  Graduate of ALMA University, worked in top restaurants across Italy

About My Cooking Class: "I love the simplicity of my country's food.. When your dish is simple, you pay tribute to the ingredient. Let's test them... see how far they will go. I promise you, you will taste something so beautiful.  I can't wait to cook together."



Featured in Esquire; Discovery Channel, Great Chefs of the East; Condé Nast Traveller; and in Food & Wine as owner of one of the Top 25 Restaurants in the US.

Location: Vermont, New England 

Specialities: Vermont Farm to Table

Favourite Dishes: Vermont Goat Cheese Soufflé

Accolades:  Featured in Esquire; Discovery Channel, Great Chefs of the East; Condé Nast Traveller; and in Food & Wine as owner of one of the Top 25 Restaurants in the US.

About My Cooking Class: "The only thing I enjoy more than discovering new foods and wines is sharing my enthusiasm and techniques with others. Together we can create an experience of culinary adventure, and get to know each other while having fun! Let me bring part of my world of cooking to you in your home."



Owner of top rated Tuscan experience in Italy. Featured in a number of high profile magazines

Chef Location: Tuscany, Italy

Specialities: Simple Tuscan dishes, and pastry!

Favourite Dishes: A beautiful plate of pasta 

Accolades:  Featured in Conde Nast Traveller, The Daily Mail, Italian Magazine, and Pathfinders and more. 

About My Cooking Class: "Let's make some beautiful food together. In my classes, we'll talk about the ingredients from my land. You'll learn simple tips to making a real Italian dinner at home, plus we may talk about some wine pairings as well."