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Live from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Has worked in Michelin star restaurants, Owner of Culinary Experience


A 3rd generation of caterers, Chef Andres has been exposed to the food world since a very early age. Working his way from the dishpan to the back of the house, he realized his love of cooking, and at the age of 17 he decided to study in France at Lycée Hotelier Jean Baptiste Simeón-Chardin. After his studies, he returned back to Mexico and graduated from ICUM (the Culinary Institute of Mexico).  He’s had the opportunity to work with several of the best chefs in Mexico where he’s improved his skills with their mentorship.  In 2015, he joined the prestigious Gary Danko restaurant team in San Francisco where he worked managing a number of roles in the kitchen. He returned back to Mexico to open Cocina Colmillo, which offers pop up dinners, and restaurant consultation. He is thrilled to bring his kitchen into yours with his classes with The Chef & The Dish.



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