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Live from Minas Gerais, Brazil


Owner of Dona Xica, traditional Brazilian restaurant in village outside Rio de Janerio, Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence


Chef Renato was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He has a Bachelor degree in Biology, as well a MBA and a Masters in Biophysics all from UFRJ. He traveled all Brazil while working for the government for 12 years since  2001 and fell in love with the regional cuisinies of Brazil and the art of cooking.

He decided to pursue his passion for cooking at the esteemed Institute of Culinary Education, NYC, where he graduated from the Culinary Arts program. After, he worked at restaurants in Rio de Janeiro and travelled the country and abroad for culinary inspiration. He found it during his travels including his time in Spain, where he worked as a private chef. He eventually moved back to his home country, taking with him his love of Tapa. When arriving back to Brazil, he opened his own restaurants and culinary experience.

Now residing in Tiradentes – MG, one of the most influential culinary centers in the country, he owns and runs a restaurant serving typical local Brazilian food as well as an in-person cooking class.

His approach to cooking is: “Quality of the ingredients and simplicity on the techniques never goes wrong.”

Chef Renato loves to meet people, make new friends, share tips and tricks of the trade. Let's do it!



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