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Live from Tokyo, Japan


Top rated culinary experience on Trip Advisor Japan, featured in several magazines


Chef Yoshimi was born and raised in a Japanese family in southern Japan. She started to cook and bake when she was about 10 years old to satisfy her own curiosity and also to help her parents who are both confectioners and were busy when she was a young girl.

Ever since, her passion has been cooking and baking. She didn’t stop cooking after moving to Tokyo to go to university or after starting her career in international distribution.

After working for a global cosmetic company as a trading manager for 8 years, she decided to immerse herself completely in the world of cooking. She set up a Japanese cooking class in Tokyo, called TOKYO KITCHEN, where she welcomes guests from around the world who would like to do more than sightseeing.  In her classes, Chef Yoshimi shares her deep insights into Japanese food and culture.

She loves to cook, eat and above all, to share the joy of cooking.  Now, she is ready to cook up a storm with you at The Chef & The Dish.



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